Competition Report: Experience Pikes Peak International Mountain Climbing with TAG Heuer
As the official observatory of the Pikes Peak 2018, TAG Heuer's chronograph technology is perfectly matched to the car manufacturer's work. Advanced technology - whether it's cars or watches - stands out from the competition.
In order to start this story better, we need to put this mysterious car event in its context. The Coast Race, known as Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, first appeared in Colorado in 1916 by the Spencer Penrose initiative. Penrose is the owner of an important regional hotel and also funds the development of the road to the top of the mountain. They need to advertise for this place - what better way to organize the game to measure the championship, the semi-machinery of the half-time drivers and talents?
The first winner of this challenge, Rea Lentz, reached the top in 20 minutes and 55 seconds and six-tenths of a time. Pikes Peak is the third oldest official racing game still active in the United States. Its 19.93-kilometer route, including 156 corners, is more dangerous than the previous one, making it a monument to many drivers who want to compete with each other. But the main difficulty is the danger of the route, which starts at 2,865 meters above sea level and reaches a peak of 4,302 meters. These conditions, combined with the challenging weather, coupled with the internal combustion engine seeing their power significantly decreased as they climbed to the top and the oxygen became thinner.Review Richard Mille 2018 RM 11-03 MCLAREN replica Watch
The 2018 Pikes Peak competition was held on June 24th. Watchonista attended the meeting and saw 36 pilots and their team participate in the annual challenge. The competition is divided into fifteen smaller categories, from thermoelectric and motorcycle to quad bikes, as well as thermoelectric or electric vehicles. We experienced an exciting day, track exits and accidents.
Three times the winning French driver, Roman Dumars tried to "break the watt" and grab the fourth victory. Measuring his time? TAG Heuer is of course the official timer for Pikes Peak since 2016. However, the importance of this partnership has been going on for nearly a century, as the game was born in the same year that the Swiss watch brand launched its famous Mikrograph chronograph. Ability to measure time to one hundredth of a second.
In 2013, Sébastien Loeb, the champion of the Nine World Rally Championship, swallowed the 19.93-kilometer track with a thermal car in 8 minutes and 13 seconds.replica HUBLOT BIG BANG ONE CLICK SANG BLEU 465.SS.1117.VR.1204.MXM17 watch
This year, all participants and the public were crowded with the peaks and peaks of the cold at dawn to follow the competition. While waiting for the start of the game, the second favorite activity was to pass the stands and discover the cars on display. At this moment, you can feel the adrenaline surge.
All eyes on the day were concentrated on the infinite class Volkswagen prototype. This car wants to make sparks and on wheels: Romain Dumas. The day before, we got the latest TAG Heuer Monaco chronograph Calibre 11 Special Edition Bay Racing.
After reaching the top after 156 turns, we felt that our head was not rotating because the loop reached the end, but because of lack of oxygen. At this precise moment, it is clear that this game has nothing in common with all other games, because in addition to affecting the performance of the engine, it will also put pressure on the pilots, because their attention must make the helmet suffocate and lack air. Driving in an apnea is not easy, especially after a turn, avoiding deep gullies at 100 mph. Just for that, hat! replica Ulysse Nardin Complications Hourstriker 759-80/E2 watch price
Race against time
In this game, timing is everything. Of course, the goal is to climb as fast as possible and use the sharpest machine in your category to break the final record. This is a big risk for pilots preparing to cancel the time. In fact, this year, the game experienced a decline, and the turn took place at a completely unconscious speed. The competition clearly shows that the history of the car will undoubtedly change. One of the Volkswagens stormed and focused on the road to the summit.
Fortunately, it takes only a tenth of a second to see the object and the brain making movements, fully coordinated, and the shutter curtain opens as the car passes through the spot being swept by the focus. This is a good coincidence when we know that the distance between the objective lens and the car is less than 100 meters and the speed of the machine exceeds this section, at a speed of nearly 300 kilometers per hour!
The cycle has been completed, but it took more than three hours in the strategic position of the path to have the chance to win the winner of 2018. The Monaco Calbre 11 chronograph feels at home in this environment. But after all, the purpose of this watch brand is always at the forefront of watching and competition. This victory is evidenced by the centrally placed TAG Heuer logo at the beginning/end. The measuring device at the edge of the track allowed TAG Heuer to improve Romain Dumas on his electric car: 7 minutes 57 seconds and 148 thousandths. In short, TAG Heuer is the most accurate in the market with its precise sense and their tools, and also enters history through new records. Of course it is a #DontCrackUnderPressure moment.Luxury replica watches for sale
Zenith Limited Edition Defy Porto Cervo
Zenith opened a pop-up store in Porto Cervo and launched a special edition of Defy El Primero 21 Porto Cervo.
Zenith opened a pop-up shop in Costa Cervo, the trendy Sardinian resort of Costa Esmeralda, where a special edition of the Defy El Primero 21 Porto Cervo watch was on display.
Like its predecessors, the Defy El Primero 21 Porto Cervo is a limited edition 25, TIME LAB certified observatory, 44 mm diameter titanium case, inspired by the original El Primero model. In the early 1970s. The white ceramic bezel unfolds it as a summer watch. The chronograph's power reserve indicator is located at 12 o'clock, the center position is hour and minute, the 9 o'clock position is small seconds, the 6 o'clock position is white 60 seconds and the 30 minute chronograph is 3 o'clock position 'clock respectively .
Defy El Primero 21 Porto Cervo comes with a white rubber strap, a blue crocodile insert or an all-white rubber strap, both with a titanium folding clasp. Defy El Primero 21 The Porto Cervo features a sculpted case back and a wavy-topped yacht. It is an exceptional watch with an accuracy of 1/100 sec and a power reserve of 50 Audemars Piguet replica Watches