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Richard Miller is still around Rafael Nadal in 2016

For the Spanish tennis championship, 2016 was announced under the best presidency. His victory in Abu Dhabi's performance game last weekend made him one of the most trusted people and won the first Grand Slam tournament to start on Monday: the Australian Open.
Roland Garros's legend, Rafah, is not only an ambassador, but also a close friend of Richard Miller, usually those who work with brands to develop special calibers. Whether in good times or bad luck, in the failure or victory, the brand always supports Rafael Nadal, faithfully accompany him during and after his career. Thus, 2015 is still a great year for Nadal and Richard Miller who developed and released the Roland Garros RM 27-02 model, a collaboration between a special tourbillon movement.
The signature of Nadal, this model has made important progress in the construction of the sports brand, with his composition of the sinker, a component of the case (the unique structure of watchmaking), the technicality in extreme cases, and the exclusive presentation of the world quarzo - TPT® and research in the study of a tourbillon movement resisting shocks exceeding 5000 grams. This watch redefines the architectural style of the series and highlights the depth of movement of each part in three dimensions.replica Richard Mille RM 032 Chronograph Diver watch
Rafael can't have his watch on his right wrist. In fact, his RM "Lucky Charm" is very important for tennis players because his ritual aims to promote concentration and create an environment conducive to its performance. Nadal is also particularly interested in the RM 27-02 because he used it to calculate his strategy.
Last year's wedding of Richard Mille / Rafael Nadal also marked the RM 27-02 prototype of the Only Watch auction. Rafa hopes to provide it to the Monaco Association against Miopathies and provide buyers with his uniform to support the creation of Luc Pettavino. The second best quote at night helps highlight Only Watch’s success. One thing is for sure. At the beginning of the New Year, I hope to return to the highest level of the Iberian champion. At the end of this year's International Premier League (IPTL), Rafael Nadal participated in a tournament involving the best tennis players in Asia. He once again discovered his outstanding performance. Swiss Roger Federer, beaten, did not hesitate to say that Rafa’s skills had re-emerged as a Grand Slam tournament. Nadal's coach, his uncle Toni Nadal, confirmed this: "Last month, it was not far from the world's number one era." best replica Breguet watches
The forefront of returning to the "Spanish" has been confirmed once again on Saturday, January 2nd in the third victory of the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Competition, where the Spaniards gave an outstanding performance against Milos Raoni Odd (7-6, 6-3, only 1 hour and 30 minutes), and then beat compatriot David Ferrer in the first three days.
His humility and determination to reach and maintain the list of the world's tennis, so Nadal according to Richard Miller in particular committed the player: "Even if you are a number, you need to constantly improve yourself, because you know that Others also work hard, so we wish the best Raphael in 2016, just like Richard Mille, and we do the same.
Richard Mille Tourbillon RM69 Erotique

Today, I will present Richard Mille's new masterpiece, the Tourbillon RM 69 Erotique, which is an example of high-end watchmaking industry and covers the phrase “debauchery”.replica watches for sale
The porn clock is part of the watchmaking history. The artists of the past used the theme of liberalism to mechanically reproduce suggestive scenes. Because they violate moral, religious and political authorities' conservative practices, these items are often forbidden and confiscated. However, in all forbidden relationships, pleasure is consumed from snooping, and this is the occult nature of this complication. In certain models of the heart, it has allowed them to survive until today. The RM 69 is far from the scene explained by the automaton, but it expresses the passion for verbal passion, sensuality and sexual desire.
Due to the unique structure, the bridge and the tuga diameter are manually wound by synergistic Apelino & Papi's, this movement, made with 505 components and 41 rubies, it is very compact and designed for Tier 5 grade The platen Duoplane allows you to align the tourbillon and the barrel on the same axis. The appearance of the tourbillon cage with the barrel is imposed by a stunned bridge and a 3 Hz frequency enhanced tourbillon cage. Round engravings, chamfers, polished mirrors, and hand-polished blocks, associated with PVD, micropallinate, and satin-finished surfaces, constitute an exemplary finish that demonstrates the refusal of any compromise on the aesthetics of the caliber. Its 69-hour power reserve is displayed in a scale bar at 4 o'clock and is driven by a planetary differential. This outstanding power reserve was obtained with a simple movement, demonstrating the Swiss Maison's performance in this new movement. The RM69 thus allows the wearer to fully enjoy the complications of the new Richard Miller named "Oracle", triggering a roller 3 Ti-Ti manual engraving to generate a random sentence for the rotating mechanism. According to the wearer's request, press the button at 10 points to replica Tonino Lamborghini Spyder 1000 watches
For ease of reading, sports engineers have developed a mechanism that allows hands to move away from time. Activation of the button at the 8 o'clock position causes the hand to disappear, thereby visually releasing the roller. Once released, it allows the latter to automatically return to their time position.
The RM 69 movement is protected by three titanium 5 case sizes and measures 50.00 x 42.70 x 16.15 mm. Ergonomically, very comfortable and as always model for Richard Miller, this case, made of 20 screws, also made of titanium, guarantees a waterproof function up to a depth of 50 meters.
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