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replica cyrus watches Klepcys Réveil Steel and Titanium Alarm Watch
In today's luxury watch industry, I have always believed that mechanical alarms are a complex function that is not fully understood and of course underutilized. When I recently discovered that Cyrus, an innovative independent brand named after the historical Persian ruler Cyrus the Great, not only created an alert complex feature, but also included a The three-question repeater only needs a small part of the transponder, and I am eager to give it a test drive. Scroll down to find out how this very unique watch performs in a week.
You may notice that the first thing CyrusKlepcysRéveil has is its unusually large case, multi-layered pad shape, and a large round dial opening. The titanium case is combined with a stainless steel lug, a bezel and a screw-in bottom cover with a diameter of 46 mm. Most of the surface is brushed and the bevel is polished.
The second is the slightly off-center appearance of the dial. At 1 am, at 2 o'clock and 3 o'clock, the Arabic numerals of the block application are used (actually the "3" number is cut off by the alarm sub-dial), after which the numbers are given Abnormally shaped diamond polishing hour indices (these indices actually begin to appear next to the "2" and "3" numbers), which terminate at 6 o'clock, giving way to other visual elements between 6 and 9 o'clock. clock. Arabic numerals - all of which appear on semi-circular, black, grooved tracks, reminiscent of old phonograph records - then picked up again at 9, 10, 11 and 12 o'clock. The rest of the dial is a rich element and should be detailed.richard mille sapphire
First, the large sub-dial between 3 o'clock and 5 o'clock has an alarm function. It has two concentric rings: a minute black outer scale, a white number for each 15-minute quadrant, a black inner ring with black, and an even number for 24 hours. In the white hour track, the upper part of the small dial is black, and the bottom part is dark blue, divided by a thin red line. Two small, hollowed out hands indicate hours (24-hour clock) and minutes.
The dial space between 9 o'clock and 5 o'clock is dominant, a huge, asymmetrical cut aperture that allows one to see the movement of the watch, and the spotlight is clearly focused on the small aiming hammer, with The brushed finish and the engraved Cyrus logo, when the preset alarm time is reached on the main dial, it will strike its gong clearly.
The engraved cross pattern is adorned with the upper part of the dial and a pair of larger hands - also with a hollowing process, with a Super-LumiNova nib and placed on the eccentric shaft - indicating hours and minutes, while the slick sweeping hands are placed in the same The wheel rotates around the dial. At 11 o'clock, a circular day and night indicator is attached to the dial by two small screws with a screw-like Cyrus logo on the head.jacob and co astronomia
The operation of the alarm function is simple and intuitive. First, set the time on the main dial by pulling the right crown to the second position. There is no date display on the watch, but the useful day and night indicator at 11 o'clock makes it relatively easy to know when the hour and minute are set to morning or afternoon; the blue area indicates daylight hours and the black area indicates night time.
Personally, I would choose a less black blue color, and it is close to the black color; in dim light, it may be difficult to distinguish it from the night. Perhaps even replacing white with white is not a literal translation of the sky, but a more vivid and easy-to-read contrast. In any case, this display adds to the unusual appearance of the watch, making it easy to use its signature complex features.
To set the alarm, carefully push the crown back to the first pull out position so that the hour and minute hands can be rotated in either direction on the 24-hour scale. Again, it's very intuitive and user friendly: for example, if the hour hand points to 14 (in the day sector) and the hour hand points to 60 (night sector), your alert is set to 2:00 PM. If the hour hand is at 4 (night sector) and the minute hand is at 30 (daytime sector), the alarm is set to 4:30 am.
It is also helpful for the applicator to set the alarm in increments of five minutes. To set the alarm from ON to OFF, push the crown back to its original position, then press the middle button to switch the small white arrow pointer from the blue ON sector to the red OFF sector at the 7 o'clock mark. . dial. But be careful; it's very sensitive, so it's easy to inadvertently turn off or turn on the alarm, just push the force too far. On a nice, subtle touch, the ON/OFF pointer is also Super-LumiNova-tipped, in case you need to check if an alarm is set in the early hours of the morning.breitling premier

By the way, so far, you may have noticed another unconventional aspect of this watch design, the double crown on both sides of the case, which is actually a clear aesthetic feature of the Cyrus series. In most models, each of the two crowns is functional, but in the case of Klepcys Réveil, the 9 o'clock crown is purely aesthetic, although the grooved rubber handle around the crown is loose. However, it does serve a purpose because it has the serial number of the watch printed on it.
The bell of the alarm, when I set it up faithfully, the starting point, there is a pleasant, powerful rhythm, the sound is enough to hear, but soft enough to not disturb the room. When you want to mute the bells, simply press the crown button to "close"; otherwise, they will automatically stop after 16 seconds.
Again, this is not as complicated as the three-question timer or sonar, hammering and slamming different series of bells, indicating hours, quarters, etc., but it sounds more elegant than most mechanical alarm sounds. . The watch produces more buzz. Imagine it is like the church bell or bird sound that you are waking up in the distance instead of the high noise of the bedside table alarm clock.replica luxury watches
Like several other products in Cyrus' complex watch collection, the brand regularly collaborates with Jean-Francois Mojon, the leader of Swiss sports manufacturing studio Chronode. (It is no coincidence that Chronode and Cyrus have the same owner, and another Chronode customer is Hublot, whose Big Bang Alarm Repeater is the only watch I know of with such mechanical alarms.) Called Calibre CYR1280 This hand-wound movement can be seen through the wide sapphire window of the watch at the bottom of the case.
There is evidence of two separate buckets that store springs for timing and alarms. The Cyrus watchmaker designed the winding system to allow the spring inside the mainspring to slide for a maximum power reserve of 72 hours, allowing the wearer to continue to rotate the crown and enhance the alarm function without damaging the mainspring. I admit that it is difficult to determine how many turns are needed to completely wrap the movement and the alarm clock. When I did not time the morning, the watch did stop unexpectedly one or two times. (Some types of power reserve displays may be a too many elements on a crowded dial, but it will help in this regard.)
These barrels, such as the crown and the screws that secure the bottom cover, use the Cyrus logo. The main board and bridge enhance a series of engraved radiating grooves that echo the grooves in the curved case. This micromechanical landscape is no less than 50 gems. The balance oscillates at a frequency of 4 Hz. And the use of a manual winding system means that no rotor obstructs any of these finely machined parts at any time.replica watches for sale
The black textured rubber strap, while not necessarily screaming "luxury", is perfect for this very avant-garde timepiece, with the sporty embossed Cyrus logo on each end closest to the case and the middle part of the recess (again) in response to the sports board and The groove in the middle of the box. It can be seamlessly integrated into the lugs and secured with a two-blade folding clasp and comfort adjustments and a titanium cover. Although this watch is really big on the wrist, it is not too heavy.
In addition, whether you are working in a room full of watch lovers or just chatting with colleagues in a local puddle, its unique design will become a dialogue. Unlike tourbillons, chronographs or complex calendars, the inconspicuous alarm complex function is usually quite subtle until it really starts to make noise. In contrast, CyrusKlepcysRéveil announces its existence even when it embraces silent voices.
Steel and titanium from Cyrus Klepcys Reveil (Ref. 539.502.SS). Other case versions are steel and black DLC, all black DLC coated steel.urwerk watches