2018 Replica TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T COSC Mexico Limited Edition CAR5A8V.FC6377 watch

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2018 Replica TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T COSC Mexico Limited Edition CAR5A8V.FC6377 watch

Brand TAG Heuer
Item Type Cheap TAG Heuer Carrera HEUER 02 replica watches
Movement Self Winding/Automatic
Case Titanium Black PVD
Diameter 45 mm
Strap Calfskin Black
Dial color Skeletonized
clasp type Deployment Buckle
Glass Sapphire
Year 2018
Gender men
Boxes common box
FUNCTIONS Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date, Tachymeter Chronograph,1 Hour Tourbillon
Model Number CAR5A8V.FC6377

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Everyone wears such a multi-year watch, and many people still can't distinguish between mechanical watches and quartz watches. I often hear this saying: "The mechanical watch is better than the quartz watch." "To distinguish between the two types of watches, you can see the price." Is this the case? Teach you five points, and immediately understand the difference between quartz and mechanical watches.1. Principle: When the mechanical watch is stored in the barrel and stores the energy, the quartz watch is driven by the battery to drive the quartz motor. One is an all-mechanical system and the other is an electronic system.2, precision: the popular point of saying, quartz watch is more accurate than the mechanical watch. In general, the Swiss mechanical watch has an error of about 30 seconds per day. The Swiss quartz watch has a monthly error of about 15 seconds, which translates to about 0.5 seconds per day. The second hand of the quartz watch is a one-step jump, and the mechanical watch is continuously and continuously.3. Operation: The mechanical watch and the quartz watch are basically the same in the adjustment time. The difference is that the manual mechanical watch needs to be manually wounded to ensure the normal operation of the watch before its power release; the automatic mechanical watch is based on each Individuals need to wear a certain amount of time each time their wrists are different. Otherwise, the hand movements are not enough, and the power storage of the barrel is insufficient to stop. When stopping, you need to manually wind up to provide power for your hands. hyt skull watch replica