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Breitling Cockpit B50 Orbiter replica
Breitling Cockpit Timing B50 Watch Cockpit B50
Since the beginning of the year, Breitling has become a pioneer in the watch industry. With its superb precision timepieces, its contribution to the development of chronographs and its relentless pursuit of excellence in design, it has established itself worldwide. With the deep relationship between the brand and the aviation industry, Breitling has witnessed countless brilliant moments in the long journey of human conquest of the sky. Breitling, known for its innovative spirit, has a place in science, sports and technology. At the same time, Breitling independently develops and manufactures movements, each of which is made in Switzerland and has the quality assurance of the official Swiss Observatory certification.

Breitling has launched a new multi-function electronic chronograph watch, which is equipped with an exclusive self-made movement with both hands and digital timing functions, once again establishing a strong position as a close partner of the brand aviation industry. Designed to accompany pilots in all their missions, the Breitling Cockpit B50 (Cockpit B50) is equipped with a host of practical features that are extremely simple, easy to use, and easy to read.urwerk UR 105 replica
Breitling has made the cockpit timing B50 watch (Cockpit B50) a pure "professional wrist gauge" with natural titanium or black titanium with high-strength carbonization, which is light and sturdy, perfectly showing its perseverance and courage. Technical appearance. What's more important is the extraordinary performance and practical functions of the watch. It is equipped with the exclusive new Breitling B50 movement, which is 10 times more accurate than the standard quartz movement. The SuperQuartzTM super quartz movement has the highest precision and reliability. Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC).
Multiple innovative features
The Breitling Cockpit B50 (Cockpit B50) is specially designed for professionals (especially top pilots), with a number of practical functions in one, fearless with you to perform the most extreme tasks. In addition to the split timing and flyback timing functions, the watch also offers a second time zone display, perpetual calendar, double alarm (supports beep and/or vibration mode), lap time function and positive timing alarm. Not only that, but Breitling also has many innovative features for the watch, such as electronic tachometers, countdown/positive counting systems (which can be freely converted between countdown and regular timing operations) and aerospace-specific “time-of-flight” timing functions. (The flight time can be calculated by recording the departure and arrival date and time). In addition, the cockpit timing B50 watch is also equipped with Coordinated Universal Time (UTC, the reference time used in the aviation field), so that you can change the time zone as you like. Thanks to the extremely compact switching function, the time of the pointer display and the second time zone of the digital display can be easily switched with a simple push of a button, and the system automatically changes the date as needed.Porsche Design replica
To make it easier to manipulate the many features of the watch, the Breitling Cockpit B50 (Cockpit B50) is equipped with an extremely simple, easy-to-use, well-defined and highly compatible control system that can be easily rotated by simply rotating the crown. Item function, and start/stop the function with two buttons. In addition, the watch also displays the user interface information through the LCD screen on the panel, guiding the wearer to perform various practical operations, which is convenient and extraordinary. In addition to the "pilot" mode, the movement also offers a "sport" mode to temporarily simplify the function options. Pressing the crown twice in a row can instantly “park” the pointer to make the dual LCD display clearer and easier to read.
The digital display design of the Breitling Cockpit B50 (Cockpit B50) is also innovative, ensuring that the watch is legible in any situation. Two black-and-white LCD screens are equipped with a high-performance backlight display system that can be activated by tapping the crown. The brightness and clarity of the LCD screen are excellent, no matter the day or night. It is a true wrist dashboard. The watch also features an exclusive “tilt” feature that automatically turns the backlight display system on when the wearer tilts the wrist to more than 35 degrees, which is extremely convenient and efficient when driving an airplane or car. Another exciting new feature is its oversized digital display, which provides a 7-digit display at 12 o'clock, and each digit contains 14 segments, so all combinations of different segments can be used. The display of English letters provides more convenient interactive manipulation.
To ensure the energy required for high-performance backlighting display systems, Breitling has developed an innovative miniature rechargeable battery system for watches that can be recharged with external cables and transformers, or by connecting to a computer. To ensure the safety and reliability of rechargeable batteries, the system offers a variety of different levels of charging warnings, including a central chronograph second hand skip or stop warning mode, and a "standby" warning. Thanks to this warning system, the seemingly stopped movement of the movement can temporarily store relevant information in order to be able to operate accurately without restarting all settings during replica watch
Movement: Breitling homemade B50 movement, Swiss official observatory certification (COSC), SuperQuartzTM temperature compensated super quartz movement, hands and 12/24 hour digital liquid crystal display (with backlight), timing accuracy of 1/100 seconds, countdown / Positive timing (or MET mission execution time), flight time timer, electronic tachometer, countdown, second time zone display, alarm, perpetual calendar, battery charging display.
Case: titanium, black titanium; water resistance up to 100 m (330 ft); two-way ratcheting bezel (with azimuth scale); curved sapphire crystal, double-sided anti-glare treatment; diameter: 46 mm.
Dial: volcanic black, air force blue, titanium gold ash.
Strap / bracelet: Diver Pro deep diving rubber strap, Professional professional titanium bracelet.

Breitling launches the capsule series The second airline special edition chronograph watch commemorates the golden age of the aviation industry

Breitling recently launched the first new series of capsule timeline airline special edition watches to commemorate the brand's vital role in the aviation golden age and the major airlines that were symbolic at the time. The series is dedicated to the Swiss Airways Special Edition of the former Swiss national airlines, followed by the Pan American Special Edition, paying tribute to American Airlines legend Pan American Airlines.mens watch replica
Breitling's first capsule series captures the unique spirit of the era of the unforgettable Civil Aviation Golden Age, recreating the coolness of the century and the era and easily inspiring Lenovo's style. Aviation Timing 1 The airline special edition pays tribute to the civil aviation pioneers to commemorate the symbolic airlines of that era. In addition to Switzerland's former national airline Swissair, Pan American Airlines has also joined the special edition.
George Cohen, CEO of Breitling, said: We have introduced these special editions of the airlines in the new capsule series, which are limited in time and therefore limited in number, but the watches will not be numbered. Breitling has launched a series of capsules designed to illustrate the special story of the brand's core collection: this makes them different from our limited edition, but retains its original intention: a limited number of watches with a limited number of releases.
Breitling capsule series: a storytelling watch
The marketing director of Breitling, Tim Seiler, also emphasized the story level of the capsule series and further stated: "We are very pleased that our first capsule system can demonstrate the role of Breitling in the mid to late 20th century (the golden age of commercial aviation). Important characters. These watches also have a collection of young and cool design styles from the 1960s to the 7th generation. These styles are now meaningful and have a great impact on current design trends.
In the centuries and years, civil aviation experienced unprecedented prosperity. As the dream of flying no longer belongs to the privileged elite, the world seems to suddenly become smaller. The flight began to target a wider group of passengers, and for the first time many people were able to fly across the continent and travel across the ocean. Breitling played a key role in the rise of civil aviation. Its onboard timer became the standard used by the world's leading aircraft manufacturers at the time, first on the propeller plane and then on the jet.mb&f watches for sale
The Breitling Aviation Chronograph was launched in 1952 and was immediately popular with pilots, especially those who flew international or intercontinental flights such as Boeing 707 and Doug DC-8 Lass. The Breitling Aviation Chronograph uses a circular flight slide that allows the pilot to perform the important calculations required during the voyage. In the glory days of the civil aviation, the aviation chronograph was the first onboard computer to be worn on the wrist, and it established its prestige for Breitling, which was highly respected for its airborne timer. Become the official designated supplier of the world aviation industry.
George Cohen, CEO of Breitling, pointed out: For fans and watch fans of civil aviation history, mentioning these legendary airlines will remind you of the excitement and adventure brought by long-distance flights; for those who love fashion. It is the charm of the times in the classic movie scene where the passengers enjoy the excellent service provided by the smiling and sleek crew. Breitling has been a designated supplier to more than a leading airline and aircraft manufacturer since the 1960s, and we are very pleased to be able to commemorate the symbolic airlines of the year with the first capsule series.
Breitling Capsule Series Aviation Timeline Special Edition
Air Chronograph 1 The airline special edition watch is equipped with a Breitling self-made movement. Known as one of the industry's leading precision movements, this self-made chronograph movement not only offers outstanding precision, but also has a power reserve of approximately an hour. The watch is equipped with a two-way rotating bezel, equipped with the famous circular flight slider, which can perform all-round calculations related to flight navigation. The unique straight pointer gives the watch a classic dynamic look and a modern interpretation. The Breitling First Capsule Series will be launched in April 2019 at the limited edition of the Breitling stores and official dealers. HUBLOT CLASSIC FUSION FERRARI GT replica