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The production of complex watches has attracted people's attention.

Young genius clock master Frank Muller
Until the early 1980s, independent watchmakers were least known in our country.

The independent watch manufacturer mentioned here is a watch manufacturer that does not belong to the company. He pushed the development and production of the watch to the end. Such watchmakers have existed for a long time, and now watch manufacturers and brands have become famous. In many cases, it has been traced from the personal studios of talented watchmakers.

That is to say, there has not developed a large-scale manufacturer of all independent watchmakers from traditional manufacturers in Switzerland, producing a small-scale production of special models to set up a brand, developing new products in response to requests as a series of actions, independent The watchmaker continues this activity.

In this case, opening the air hole, a symbol of the watchmaking industry of an independent watchmaker, was made a chance, and its existence stated that it was the other one Frank Muller did not.ULYSSE NARDIN FORGERONS MINUTE REPEATER 719-61/E2 TOP cheap watch

Frank Muller was born in 1958 in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland. I studied in Geneva, and I went to school in 1975, but graduated with excellent results. I started the production workshop in Geneva, where the independent watchmaker Sven Anderson, who was born from a large manufacturer and invited by his own watchmaking, set up a production workshop in Geneva.

After that, it was founded in the mid-1980s to independent his studio, beginning with a saying, "The young genius watchmaker Genru! in Geneva, Switzerland," from this time, in Japan, in 1986 "single magazine separate time tool "Distribution (World Picture Press), this is a half-page monochrome article, this is the first launch.

Six years later, in 1992, Frank Muller opened a unique boutique in Castle Peak, Tokyo. In fact, this boutique is the world's first Frank Muller boutique.
When Frank Muller was introduced to Japan for the first time, Switzerland was undergoing a revolution. This is a watchmaker Sven Anderson's Vincent Calabria and Italy is the master of Frank Muller, and became the center of the 1985 "Independent Watchmaker's Creative Association (AHCI)".cheap Versace replica Watches price

The Frank Muller also participated in the AHCI, and the AHCI booth photo at the Basel Watch Show in the late 1980s was considered a young Frank Muller.

When Frank Muller began his activities as an independent watchmaker, he mainly produced a large round complex watch.

You can see this, but the model is the former Baochai pocket watch. This is the so-called "imperial style". In the first half of the 19th century, there was a watch style, and the classic style that was influenced by the aspirations began in the ancient Greek and Roman era to Napoleon's French First Empire era. It was originally worked as a wide baffle rounded to see Frank Muller, the side of the shell coin edge (the cylindrical motif of the ancient Greek temple), and the equal thickness lag.
In this way, the early style is what, within the scope of the classic, Frank Muller is not only from the old watchmakers, but also the old-fashioned tools, to find the sports tools, to modify it into a watch, to find the lost classic Technology and actively introduce it into new products.

Further share the production of a "mass production" system that accepts young watchmakers in the workshop, as well as single-piece production, coherent numbers, identity as "brand" by launching its own name in front and claims, independent watchmaker Said, "The existence of the shadow bears the requirements of the development of large manufacturers and small batch production," played a role in the table stage.Why buy Replica Watches Online?

One of the driving forces was the boutique I opened in Tokyo in 1992. With the birth of this boutique, Frank Muller will build a series of production systems that will drive the way as a brand.

Although Frank Muller is a rare independent watchmaker, there is a kind of birth in Switzerland, which was cultivated in Japan, it also said.
Inherit the original model's latest round series
Frank Muller became the hero of an independent watchmaker by making a novel form called "tonour carvex". However, even now, the production of an imperial circular model that inherited earlier works continues.

So here we introduce two models, "round double chronograph" and "circular split second double chronograph".

These models are characterized by two-sided, just like the early models that Frank Muller produced in the early 1990s.

Yang Feng Yin violated the pulse doctor of the patient behind the clock "pulse meter", measuring the speed of the "telemetry" of the sound, which will determine the speed of the three 1000M transport time from the so-called "speed measurement" function has been completed. These functions are usually printed on the perimeter of the watch's surface, so you can print one on only one side. Therefore, from the beginning of the occupation, the person who purchases the chronograph must choose which function is required and choose one at the time of purchase.

However, Frank Muller was successfully set to dial on the back surface, while adding to the timer the second hand installed three functions. Despite its elegance and complexity as a watch, it is an excellent presence even in terms of practicality.
Following the "Imperial Tourbillon" in 1995, Frank Muller's tourbillon surprised us. "Revolution 1" was announced in 2002.

This is a model with a mechanical device that rises when the button on the left side of the housing is pressed. The hour and minute hands are automatically moved to the 12 o'clock position and a fancy mechanism is installed, and once the button returns, it will return to the correct Zenith 24.2040.400/27.R796 CHRONOMASTER EL PRIMERO RANGE ROVER Watch cheap

The following year (2003), Frank Muller, who dialed a horizontal direction in 60 seconds, announced the "revolution 2" in the vertical direction of a two-axis tow in a knee in 8 minutes. Since the three-dimensional rotating tourbillon frame is beyond the thickness of the watch, the sapphire glass on the back has been inflated to avoid it.

Also, this year, Frank Muller showed time, while jumping on the dial on the hour hand irregularly arranged index "Kureijiawa" surprise as he announced.

In 2004, the three-axis "Revolution 3" achieved a more complex rotation. In 2005, "Evolution 3 - 1" will appear with a permanent calendar added.

Frank Muller's tourbillon revolution followed. Flywheel 2006, the eternal calendar (the need to modify the Millennium Calendar), (there are five versions of the poorly installed features), the two-second chronograph, which will be released with the "Eterunitasu" complex features, such as triple time.

Flywheel 2007, Yamato Petite Sonuri (with Westminster Carrion), timekeeping, eternal calendar, moon phase, Ekueshon time (time difference), two time zone displays, equipped with double-second timekeeping, and a 4-day long power reserve Beyond the complex clock "Eternitas Mega 4" also appeared.

Through these efforts, it can be said that almost all the complex mechanisms that can be installed on the watch have been realized. Therefore, Frank Muller will withdraw from the multi-functional competition, which is a direction to further sharpen the existence and aesthetic consciousness of the tourbillon.wholesale U-BOAT cheap watches