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Richard Mille - RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal Automatic Quartz - TPT
Rafael Nadal is the only tennis player in history who has won a single Grand Slam nine times. Every year, Richard Miller shows the latest evolution of the "Rafa" model in this major event - the French Open or Roland Garros a few days in advance, which is normal because it is based on French pilots and the first world. The pilot named after the war fighter.
The new Richard Mille RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal is the first in the series to feature an automatic movement with a unique character that is light and impact resistant.
Like its predecessors, the RM 27-01 cable suspension movement to the RM 27-02 and its NTCT Carbon integrated base plate - RM 35-02 Rafael Nadal demonstrates Richard Mille's innovative
Driven by the new RMAL1 movement, the base plate and bridge are made of wet-blasted grade 5 titanium alloy, treated with PVD / Titalyt and stretched to ensure a smooth surface. Its variable inertia balance swings at 28,800 vph and is powered by a dual-cylinder system that provides a 55-hour power reserve.
Inspired by the RM 35-01, the RM 35-02 is designed to respond to customers' requirements for the automatic movement of the Nadal Center movement. Richard Mille chose his patented variable geometry rotor, which allows the winding to adapt to the user's level of activity.
By adjusting the position of the ribs in six positions, the inertia of the titanium rotor is modified, or the winding process is accelerated with minimal arm and hand movement, or slowed down in the case of intense activity (eg Rafaelna) When Dahl is playing, he has a game).wholesale AUDEMARS PIGUET ROYAL OAK replica Watches
In the other Nadal series, the back of the watch is made of sapphire crystal and is anti-reflective, so the movement can be seen from all angles.
The new watch's 49.94 x 44.50 x 13.15 mm case will feature NTCT Carbon or the new bright Quartz-TPT red and white highlights for excellent biocompatibility, stability and durability.
These materials consist of multilayer parallel filaments obtained by splitting carbon fiber or silica wires. These layers - no more than 45 microns thick - are impregnated with resin and then woven on a special machine and heated to 120° at a pressure of 6 bar. At this point, the material is ready for processing on the CNC machine at Richard Mille's ProArt Case Factory.RICHARD MILLE RM 35-02 AUTOMATIC RAFAEL NADAL replica Watches
The new Richard Mille RM 67-02 version brings a strange color to ultra-light packaging
This fall, the latest Richard Mille lightweight models will have some very quirky colors.
To be fair, we can no longer be surprised by the eccentric color of Richard Mille. Between the green Yohan Blake models, almost Rafael Nadal, which looks like RM 27-03 by Ronald MacDonald, and countless other bold creations of the past few years, Richard Mille is no stranger to the premise of "big guys or going home." The design perspective comes from a technical perspective. With the latest version - RM 67-02 version - the brand has created three limited edition models that complement the world-class athlete's watch. As a brand of polarization, this once again became an impressive and impressive feat, as these watches will see strict behind the wheels of tennis courts, ski resorts and one of the fastest-racing world rally championship cars currently in competition. Duties.
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First of all, regardless of the color, the RM 67-02 is an impressive creation. The simple time-only movement uses grade 5 titanium as its skeletal bridge and main board, and has excellent finishing levels throughout the process. Various DLC surface treatments are used to provide the required contrast and sharp Incab dampers between the components to provide significant protection against caliber. Use lightweight fabric straps for the entire watch weight - wait for it - only 32 grams. After testing/attempting the first example of 67-02 introduced last year, it's hard to wrap your brain until you experience it for yourself. As an interesting comparison, 12 ounces of sugar is higher. Coca-Cola (accurately 39) is more than the titanium and composite materials in this watch.
These are not limited editions, but series production models, although it is known that these new versions of Richard Mille will undoubtedly have high demand and supply shortages. The first example of the German tennis player Alexander Zverev is a sandwich case with a combination of carbon fiber TPT and red quartz TPT. World rally champion Sebastien Ogier's model uses a case made entirely of carbon fiber TPT and a contrasting royal blue strap, while French skier Alexis Pinturault uses white quartz TPT on the front and back, and black quartz TPT as the case bucket. Compared.replica B.R.M V14-44-BG-AJ Watch price