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H2 pilot: the lofty creation of HYT

With the famous H2 pilot, HY pilots created a timepiece for aviation enthusiasts for the first time, each step of which is designed to meet aviation specifications. The H2 pilot is more than just an evolution. It is the true transformation of the HYT iconic H2 launched in 2013, and its "V" shaped positioning bellows are easy to distinguish.
The H2 pilot is a well-thought-out design that aims to develop, follow, and even predict watch trends over the years, and believes that our creations have this quality and give me great satisfaction. HYT CEO Vincent Perriard said. “H2 has surpassed the different spheres and is now pushing up 10,000 feet as if it had been designed for this purpose.”
Optimum reliability
H2's new aviatic garment highlights the legibility of the part and is a defining element of all flying instruments. The path and color of the minute hand have been redrawn and its quarter-hour exponentially magnified and reddish.Hublot Big Bang Ferrari replica watches price
The central hand accepts the same treatment! Zoomed in and tilted by the red arrow, the first of the HYT. The crown position indicator (H-N-R) at 3 pm can be seen through the window showing the selected function.
To ensure maximum visibility of all components, they are placed on a DLC-treated movement with a satin finish and a polished angle. The contrast with the adjacent chrome is the best, and the reading of time is simple and intuitive.
Like all fighters, the cockpit is fully functional and very visible in this sleek casing. HYT prioritizes cases of fully DLC coatings, including hourly indices treated with gray anthracite Super-LumiNova. Consistent with aviation specifications, hours are read by yellow Bell & Ross Basel BR 01 BURNING SKULL Replica watch
Like all technical components, H2 has a share of innovation. One of HYT's themes is to bring these innovations directly to the wearer: obvious, specific and immediate. HYT's latest innovation is a new watchband with Kevlar, a high-strength and temperature-resistant aramid synthetic fiber that can be used in extreme conditions such as racing pilot clothing, racing sails, and aviation. And the aviation sector. Aerospace industry).
HYT H1 cigar: the ultimate luxury, HYT custom creation
The H1 cigar is HYT's first custom watch, demonstrating the unique possibilities of combining “polyepoxide” resin with the solid elements of our choice. Like HYT: technological breakthroughs have become a new creative vision.
“All our works are unique. Now they will be even more so.” In these words, HYT CEO Vincent Perriard outlined the scope of the latest creative steps for this young, self-owned brand.
Technological revolution; a new future for watchmaking
Those who understand the history of the brand will see this as another step towards growing originality and creativity. Because, when building a brand, HYT must first deconstruct the concepts set by the outstanding inventions in the watchmaking industry for decades. On the one hand, the tradition is accustomed to the use of gears featuring gears and displays. On the other hand, it has no liquid place or pressure interaction. Since 2012, HYT has changed the game. The reconciliation element has become its driving force, opening up the point of view of the watch industry and until then it was banned.
Today, HYT has taken another step forward. Reflection is centered on observation: the combination of materials and colors has created decades of cases, sometimes leading, and indeed surprising results. But why not let customers choose an alchemy that attracts them?
The HYT timepiece is a combination of emotion and technology and is a rare and unique object. This exercise should lead to a natural conclusion: to propose the establishment of a case that combines elements with their own emotional weights and is personal to each owner. Ultimate customization. A unique piece, each piece is closely attached to the wearer.Richard Mille RM 11-02 FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH DUAL TIME ZONE replica watch
For more than two years, HYT and its partners have been working to create a material that integrates the external elements of future owner choices. “The real challenge is to develop an alloy whose chemical structure can be changed by adding solids and foreign elements to its basic formulation without affecting its reliability or technical properties such as hardness, density or brightness,”
HYT CEO Vincent Perriard explained. “Our understanding of fluid technology, along with the right partners, adds boldness – perhaps insanity – and allows us to achieve this!”
Therefore, under certain technical conditions, owners can add solid elements from their personal world to their HYT. Are you a cigar enthusiast? Then the H1 case can decorate your favorite collection of the most beautiful Rodolfo Vitola cigar leaves. Sand from the island beach? HYT has successfully added the sand of the famous Anse du Gouverneur beach in Saint Barthélémy.
Like the first H1, HYT did not create a “product” but opened up a new world, an area of ​​creativity that has not yet been imagined. By creating customized, unique pieces, each piece of HYT will reflect the passion and life of the new watchmakers, as well as the intimate personal passions they choose.
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