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Brand Bremont
Item Type Replica SUPERSONIC WHITE GOLD Watches
Movement manual wind
Case White gold,Round
Bracelet alligator
Dial Color Sunray Silver White metal dial
Diameter 43 mm
Thickness 14.56 mm
Gender Men
GLASS Sapphire
Year 2018
FUNCTIONS Hours, minutes, permanent small seconds
Boxes common box
Model Number Supersonic WG
Breitling Premier B01 chronograph 42 watch hands

Most people know that Breitling's identity has changed dramatically since Georges Kern served as CEO last year. Before the brand's reputation for super masculinity, we've seen more retro-style modern pieces that look like new versions of Breitling's past. The brand motto "The Legend of the Future" brings a home for those who have not accepted it. Now, they have hosted the “Bai Lingling Summit” for the first time in London, and the brand has released its new “Premier” collection, which dates back to the namesake watch of the 1940s. In the Premier series, the B01 chronograph, Valjoux chronograph, date and automatic line series have a range of models - so yes, the summit is indeed a busy event. A striking product is the Steel Breitling Premier B01 chronograph 42, which comes in three types: the Panda dial; the blue dial model; and the surprisingly attractive green model of the Bentley cross-brand, which we will specialize in Seen in the article. They are all equipped with a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet.
Breitling Premier B01 chronograph 42 in context
The redesigned Breitling Chronomat B01 chronograph 44 brings a low-key aesthetic to the brand, and this new collection is more subtle and quirky. Breitling and Georges Kern acknowledge that the brand is in an interesting position because it has two very different reasons and is the main follower group of Breitling fans. One group likes the recent big and somewhat technical Breitling Breitling, while the other group likes the old-fashioned "Fly B" vintage. The Breitling Premier B01 chronograph 42 is a truly clever model of the two - although apparently On the more retro side. There are a lot of retro-style chronographs that can check all the boxes for about $8,500, but the Breitling Premier B01 chronograph 42 series may become a newcomer, competing against Omega, the common suspects of IWC, TAG Heuer, etc. Wait.discounted Franck Muller replica Watches
Breitling Premier B01 chronograph 42 hands-on impression
The Premier B01 chronograph 42 goes through a series of rather daring - often confusing - Breitling chronographs such as Chronomat, Navitimer and Super Avenger, breathing fresh air. There are only two sub-dial, minimum dial text and 42 mm size, and in this era we can call border security or conservative. Anything smaller, it will be too far from the old fashion, anything bigger, it is too modern.
On the wrist or just in the hand, the Premier B01 is one of those rare watches that have become more and more beautiful over time - not the other way around. Its design team is directed by Guy Bove, one of my favorite watch designers (and one of the most unremarkable and least valued in our time). Sadly, he just left Breitling, but I definitely saw his influence on this watch. It's almost like having a favorite car designer or painter. Once you have found the key elements of their work, you will recognize their strokes wherever they appear.
The proportion of this watch is very suitable. Sub-dial is a bit small on the image, but they work differently in real life. Everything is big enough to ensure good legibility and usability - hand, index, speedometer scale, date, crown and button. We have a Transocean chronograph a few years ago, it has clumsy long earrings, and another "feature" is that the Breitling Premier B01 chronograph has been shortened for a long time, so it looks good again now. The ergonomics are very well designed and the straps are mounted between the lugs with curved spring bars so that they follow the case line more closely.RICHARD MILLE RM 11-02 CERAMIC replica Watch for sale
Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Case
The case ratio is ideal, 42 mm wide and 13.65 mm thick. We don't have a lug-t0-lug size yet, but once we get one of the puppies, we add it to our review. Subtle integrated pushers and intelligent multi-step steel bezels create an inconspicuous chronograph. Because this low case profile and polished bezel can be quickly shrunk and step-by-step, Premier can hide its weight and thickness very well. Just now, I am looking at the photo above and I realize how complicated and unique the design is. This is exactly the kind of watch that people should definitely expect at a price of less than $4,000, but it is twice the original - making and completing this bezel must be more painful than a normal watch. The lug is cut at a steep angle, and Gay cuts it into a magical length that allows the wrist to wear a smaller wrist.

The sapphire crystal on the back of the dial and display case has an anti-reflective coating - one that can turn the inexplicable blue from the glare of the flash - and the watch's waterproof rating is 100 meters. In general, the proportion of Breitling's cases is correct, and no unforced mistakes have been made here.

Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Dial
The dial on the Premier B01 chronograph 42 can be used in many sizes. While some people will find the speedometer scale to be degraded, I know that our Bilal does have an aesthetic loss - it's not too obvious or distracting. The white panda dial version will definitely stand out, but I have to say that I am very interested in the green Bentley model - it is so dark green, it is almost black except for the absolute brightest lights.luxury HUBLOT CLASSIC FUSION AEROFUSION replica Watches
The same details as the game of different textures between hand, index, dial and sub-dial surface treatment are also very good. The main time indication is shiny, the sand-jetted (looking) dial contrasts sharply with the shiny hands, and the concentric circles on the sub-dial make reading easier, and the B-mark of the application is just another good touch. The date window matches the dial of each watch, which is always a long way off. Thanks to Breitling for knocking these brushed dials out of the park. No clutter, three beautiful color choices, beautiful twin dial layout and wearable size.
Breitling used the Caliber 01 (aka B01) movement for the Premier B01 chronograph 42. They started the movement Calibre 01 for Tudor, and it is impressive that I suspect it sees what the buyer wants in the most important position in the modern world: the long power reserve does not sacrifice precision. Operating at 4 Hz, 70 hours of power reserve, plus column and vertical clutches, it should be that it makes the B01 a suitable modern chronograph movement.
In general, the Breitling Prime Minister B01 is a very beautiful watch. After I can report the first impression, the look and feel on the wrist is great. It's a more refined, more tasting watch that can make a lot of things right - and it's more on the wrist than on the photos I've taken in a hurry. Three sturdy dial options are more popular than a bunch of better quality products and try to please every buyer. However, you can dress up and down because they can be seen on several strap types, or on a steel strap that looks like a crazy look.
The price of the Breitling Premier B01 chronograph 42 is as follows: silver panda dial (reference number AB0118221G1P1) and blue dial (reference number AB0118A61C1A1) belt, crocodile belt, Navitimer style steel bracelet. As for the Bentley green dial (reference number AB0118A11L1X1), it has a green leather strap and a steel strap.www.reviewbestselling.com