ZENITH PILOT TON UP DGR 11.2431.4069.97.C793 replica watch
why not...?
Cancer and Zenith Type 20 Ton Up Outstanding Gentleman Cycling
The tears of an article written from the heart.
Heaven. How can you open an article about watches, a terrible word about casual or fashion? Many readers may stop here.
But you should be with me. This is a matter of life and death...
Cancer won't let anyone down, no watch can protect you from harm. I can feel that I have fewer readers now.
But for those who are still with me, let's try to delve into it. I am speaking to male readers because I am talking about a specific type of cancer - one that kills many men (this is the third most deadly cancer), only affects men and makes men so worried that they are so Some people are reluctant to accept screening for it. why? Because the image of this cancer has nothing to do with the tragic outcome. This is where the problem lies. Prostate cancer affects the most intimate areas of men. For those who don't know, the prostate makes sperm (oh, yes...) and therefore plays a vital role in men's sexual behavior. In addition, its proximity to the bladder can cause annoying side effects to the latter.
I am basically talking about impotence and urinary incontinence...
I know that it's hard to read this when you think you'll know more about the Zenith chronograph.
Many watch brands like to support good business. They are committed to protecting the ocean, air and earth projects. They participate in high respect and charity events. very good. But let's be clear, it's easier to talk about or support some issues than others. When it comes to compassion and sponsorship, there is a hierarchy.wholesale Richard Mille RM 011 replica Watches
I think wearing a diver's watch can help me clean the ocean. I like the fact that my passion for watches can fund research in schools, young artists or rare diseases. Once again, do a good job, thanks to everyone involved in these projects.
But can we ask a more disturbing question?
How does a brand use the image of prostate cancer in a positive way and its devastating effects? They need to have a "ball" to dare to do this (I deliberately use this image, so please don't think this is machismo).
Only in 1999, some brave Australians began a campaign that would disrupt the prostate world. This is the birth of Movember, a united movement that talks about the diseases that men don't want to talk about every November. Instead of Yangshuo and Viagra, it is a beard that becomes fashionable.
I remember seeing this movement grow, and even everyone who started a long beard in the office was surprised and then shaved it on December 1. This idea seems meaningless to me, even stupid.
But we live in a democracy, aren't we? So each gives it to Franck Muller Watches replica
I finally read about Movember, but I barely started before I fled the subject at a speed trying to avoid a prostate biopsy (because it was a very enjoyable moment...). Seriously, who wants to talk about a disease that affects the elderly? I like to laugh when people joked that people wet their pants and "accidental" on the bed. This is very interesting, isn't it?
After all, I can support better reasons.
So, when the watch brand starts working with moustachioed men, what do you think of my reaction? You can imagine these jokes: "Oh, a blue dial, like Viagra!" It's easy, and worse. You went, this is the few idiots I think of, they have a mustache, sit on a huge motorcycle (I don't like motorcycles), and try to raise the awareness of some elderly gentlemen. So when I saw brands like Maurice Lacroix and their Pontos S Movember, Oris and 65 Movember and Zenith linked their names, I thought, very good, but that didn't suit me.
This is November 2014 (don't laugh) when the doctor told me "You have prostate cancer and are quite advanced." I was only 50 years old, so I was very young for an old man, especially when the surgeon told me that it had existed for at least five years.
So this is a fear, surgery, buying diapers, catheters through your body and even those blue pills. Yippee!
Everything is fine today, thank you for your question!
But now I know that Movember is really useful, because these guys with funny beards may only save your life.fashoin Hublot Big Bang Unico Watches
are you still there?
Why choose Zenith?
First of all, a few words about the outstanding gentleman riding (DGR).
It was also born in Australia in 2012. It quickly became a campaign to collect funds to fight depression and then prostate cancer. The good thing about DGR is that it combines style, humour, mechanics and enthusiasm for finer things in life (clothes, motorcycles, watches) and vintages. It's all good, it's a refreshing event, far less than the cliché of the disease it is trying to fight. Equally interesting, this concept allows brands to use this positive and inclusive image. This is also the great success of Movember's moustache.
In the past few years, Zenith has partnered with the event in a very special way to offer five unique watches (not available for purchase) for those who raise the most money on Movember.
As a watch enthusiast, we all know Zenith. The brand has a long history (it is Blériot, Gandhi, Roald Amundsen and Maurice Trintignant watches), a legendary chronograph movement, a brand that everyone loves. It is also a constant attempt to make more brands, both in the outstanding technical innovations (Defy Lab), in the interesting re-versions (the famous Cronometro Tipo 2 - Cairelli) and in the inspirational and targeted series.
The 20-type Ton Up is one of the most attractive watches thanks to its original design positioning. It is the basis of this - very rare Zenith DGR chronograph.
Zenith Pilot 20 Outstanding Gentleman Cycling: You can't have it...
If you want to tie the Zenith Pilot DGR to your wrist, you need to get it and become one of Movember's biggest fundraisers. There are only a few of these in the world. I sincerely hope that you can get one. The value of this watch will far exceed any other one.
This special watch is based on the 2016 Zenith Ton Up.
This is a pilot's chronograph with a touch of the earth and motorcycle. Zenith successfully converted one of its most successful watches. The 45mm bicompax chronograph is designed with Ton Up and features an aging look with a grey dial and a green nubuck strap. Its movement is the respectable and indestructible El Primero.
But where does the Ton Up name come from?
Originally known as the "CaféRacer", this motorcycle's pilot watch refers to the old-fashioned motorcycles of the 1950s and 1960s, which have been modified to reach speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. The name of the cafe comes from the task of launching these custom bikes from outside the cafe, speeding up to 100 miles per hour and returning - alive - to the starting point. Today's "Ton Up" means more or less the same thing, in other words, riding a motorcycle at 100 replica watches for sale
The "classic" version of this Ton Up DGR is very much.
The outstanding gentleman riding version is slightly different from the 2016 sister. It has the same dual-axis design, 45 mm diameter, majestic crown and El Primero. But its color is closer to the beautiful black, with an anthracite-colored dial. The white numbers are very realistic and match perfectly with the dark grey and black colors. The solid hands are still loyal to the original Zenith pilot watch. There is a DGR logo on the dial. Of course, each watch has a number (from 1 to 5). With a highly original strap, the Zenith Type 20 DGR has become the hallmark of these rare watches: it is made of gold-tone leather with a embossed DGR logo and a moustachioed rider, refer to Movember.
Therefore, we are dealing with a rare and cautious watch full of meaning. It shows a person with a heart behind the watch. This is great.
What are the proponents of the devil thinking?
When people struggle with it, the devil likes cancer and hates it. So we can say that he doesn't like this watch at all, which is why we like it very much.
Back to the human mortal point of view, my only smirk is to use a gold hand, which can get a more retro coating from the old case.
In addition to this little detail, I said "go." Try to win it or buy a non-DGR version.
But the most important thing is to support Movember. Would you like to donate to support me?
How to wear this Zenith style?
The easiest way is to use the same style and exquisite quirks as the riders of the 1960s. Nothing is unrestricted, as long as it has taste and nod to the past. Beard and beard are of course a plus and should be added in November.
Who knows, your "life partner" may like it!
So, choose a chic motorcycle jacket (Lockalar by Ralph Lauren Purple Label, or smarter Randall), a pair of dressing pants, a contrasting appearance (why not the cargo version of DanielCrémieux, but in the flannel?) , white shirts and - most importantly - a vest (I like the Suit Supply, both simple and affordable).
A pair of Berluti boots from the recent Off the Road collection, or John Lobb Helston in grain dark brown leather.
But don't forget your helmet before you leave! My favorite is Blauer 80's (80s), Hedon Hedonist and the unknown Torc Racing T50 Union Jack.
are you ready!
But before that, don't forget to take the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test. Only a blood sample is needed.
It saved my life.Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE replica Watches