Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT Watch Review

Those who are not familiar with the various watch models produced by Graham may see at a glance that the Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT is a brand new watch. This is not the first Graham "Chronofighter", it is not the first "Vintage", it is not the first "GMT". Instead, it's a new model that incorporates many of the things Graham has done. A new, decent package.
Most people even familiar with Graham may mistake Chronofighter Vintage GMT for what they provided before, and will soon stop using it. I believe that Chronofighter Oversize GMT is also known as Chronofighter GMT. Both watches have a similar shape, the same function (most of them), and even share the exact same movement. The difference is in size and price.
The "original" Chronofighter GMT has a 47 mm wide case and the "new" Chronofighter vintage GMT is more wear resistant (for most people) with a 44 mm wide case. The retail price of the Chronofighter Vintage GMT is thousands of dollars lower than the Chronofighter GMT. Is the 3 mm size sufficient for this price premium? of course not. Larger models are not worth thousands of dollars. The reality is that Chronofighter GMT is released as a product that can be said to be overpriced (rather than oversized), and with Chronofighter Vintage GMT, Graham's valuation of the product becomes more realistic.
Swiss Graham is one of those controversial "daring guy watches", I have always had a soft spot for this. Opponents of brands like this lack sensibility, taste or elegance. I am not sure if I agree or care about sensitivity. In fact, when it comes to luxury watches, I'm pretty sure that most people, whether they act consciously or not, are not looking for "wise." Instead, they are looking for excess stuff, and these things are a statement, this is a major reason if we want to be honest with ourselves, we like luxury timepieces.MICHELE SIGNATURE DECO MWW06P000099 replica watch price
Graham's role is a retro-style aviator-themed adventure toy that you can wear on your wrist. Many high-end men's watches are basically toys. As long as we can play with them, they will let us live a adventure that does not represent our real life. Toys can be anything you use to make you feel, but for a moment, you live a different life. The great thing about making watches a toy is that they have a true history on the wrist of an adventurer (like a pilot) with a potential visual theme.
So Graham is a men's high-end toy watch brand, like many other watch brands, without any scruples to enhance their fun. Just some brands suggest a more gentle or gentle form of fun. Like the name "Chronofighter", Graham hopes that while wearing this watch, you can show a more adult but still childish military fantasies at any time. If you can appreciate and respect the timepiece as a toy and know that you have a place to live in these items, then this is the first step in enjoying such a watch.
Graham exists in the space of a relatively crowded high-end men's sports watch, trying to help countless people there to live their adventures. Why do you want to get Graham and Breitling, IWC, Omega, Rolex, etc? This is a very good question. I think that in a perfect world, most watch collectors will have at least some of these brands in their arsenal.
Graham knows that the Rolex buyers will not be tempted to get the GMT-Master II they have been paying attention for the first time. Brands like Graham patiently wait for buyers who buy luxury watches for the first time to become buyers in the second, third and fourth time, hoping that they are looking for something more risky and polarized than what they already have. Knowing this is important to appreciate some of the more subtle nuances to observe the brand's sales strategy (in some cases, I will use the word "strategy" as easily as possible).
Knowing this information may help to see through the bright and bold colors you see on many Graham timepieces. These watches are not only intended for watch buyers to pay attention to peacocks, but also strive to be the items that buyers wear peacocks for the attention of onlookers. Psychology that wants others to pay attention to and/or appreciate the watch on the wrist is the subject of another article.
Graham currently produces four different dial color variations for the Chronofighter Vintage GMT. I think this reference 2CVBC.G01A is very good for the quasi-British racing green (mixed with forest green) featuring metal finishes. Even though the green and military themes are well and logically combined, it is certainly the strangest model. Other dial color options include brown 2CVBC.C01A, dark gray 2CVBC.B15A and blue 2CVBC.U02A. For the sake of fashion, each one comes with a matching blue leather strap.
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Even with a large visual proportion of the watch, the 44 mm wide case is very comfortable - especially on the strap. The complex chronograph putter array on the left side of the case stretches your arms up instead of reaching your hand (assuming you wear the watch on your left hand) and the dial is legible. The more you look at the watch, the more you can see the impact of Graham's Chronofighter Vintage collection, which is a modest visual regression compared to the more modern Graham timepiece. 47 mm wide, the previous model was too big to fit comfortably on my wrist. This 44mm wide case, as well as the wrapped lug, is impressive and I have to admit it.
Chronofigher GMT's fully polished, thick steel case reminds me of many Breitling models. The 24-hour indicator bezel is now rotated (previous versions did not) and the bezel insert is black ceramic. The most interesting part of the case is the chronograph push mechanism, which is mixed with the crown.
The chronograph putter system has almost no practical functional use and is part of the watch's toy element. Inspired by various types of historical triggers, you have a unique system based on the Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph movement. Triggers are used to start and stop the chronograph (similar to many single-button chronographs) with buttons that are actually in the crown, and use a separate button to reset the mechanism. This adds a lot of visual appeal (and components) to the case, and of course makes the watch more interesting. The fact that the crown is interspersed between these parts makes it a bit difficult to use, but it is a logical rather than a particularly arduous sacrifice in exchange for the obvious style of the Graham Chronofighter watch. Looking for the line.
The Graham movement G1733 (the version they call the modified movement) is 4Hz automatic operation with a 48-hour power reserve. Complications include time, large date indicator, GMT pointer and 30 minute chronograph. I like this variety of complex features, but I think the big date indicator window might be better. There are two distinct cut-outs on the dial, which I think would work better with a frame, making it a more attractive window. In fact, Chronofighter Vintage GMT has a very perfect date window compared to some other models, but sometimes it still jumps out because one thing on the dial doesn't always seem to belong to replica watches
The dial is as easy to read as possible. The long hand of the paint is very beautiful and the size is right. Although, they do compete with other elements on the dial for visual attention - because there are many colors and items. With this in mind, Graham can better keep the dial clear, in contrast to many Breitling watches, the overall appearance of the dial is actually very cool. The GMT hand uses the border scale to indicate the second time zone, while the GMT hand itself is a familiar red triangle with a white lumen center.
Above the dial is a dome AR-coated sapphire crystal case that is water-resistant to 100 meters and has a back of the display case so you can see the internal movement. In fact, the sports decoration is not too bad, easy to appreciate the Geneva stripes. Although I don't like it, when you look closely at the blue top screw, it is only that the top of them is colored, and the whole screw is not blue. Is it really much cheaper to paint the blue tops of the screws alone, not just the flames that make them blue?
What makes me return to a brand like Graham is their playful nature. If you don't participate in airplanes, wars and other casual lifestyle elements and watch history, then Graham is less attractive to you. that's OK. Most of the watches like this are you immediately knowing if they are right for your lifestyle (and the choice of toys). Graham and other luxury watch brands - focusing on this "toy" sports watch, there are major weaknesses in pricing. Compared to what the public can spend, their goal is always to find the rich who still like to play. They are there, ironically, they are often richer than suits and tie watches in the crowd. Therefore, Graham's real efforts (and not to be taken lightly) are to convince the right people to play with their goods.
Graham Chronofighter Vintage GMT has improved in almost every aspect of design, comfort and value compared to its predecessor. It is still a polarized product, but it doesn't matter. At the end of the day, the watch is still cool, and just this, it will find devotees.TAG HEUER MONACO CALIBRE 11 GULF CAW211R.FC6401 replica watch