HYT H1 Ghost Watch
It seems that HYT is working with the new HYT H1 Ghost in the dark art, bringing a wild new fluid complex to its equally impressive super time machine series. Following the Skull Bad Boy watch, the new HYT H1 Ghost features a black DLC titanium case that is connected by a new black liquid that does not emit or reflect any light.
Compared to the brand's other more visually appealing products, this invisible DLC polished titanium HYT H1 Ghost watch reflects the H1 debuted at the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show four years ago, most of which are common in visuals. It's obvious: there is a central minute counter, a 9:30 second disk and a 2:30 power reserve indicator. But its unstructured dial shows a very subtle detail that is easy to miss if you don't pay attention - and it gives the watch a supernatural character: it uses a hydrodynamic retrograde hourly display with a perimeter around the dial Ring - otherwise the baffle will be there. This ring capillary is filled with an ink black liquid produced exclusively by its sister company Preciflex for HYT and pumped around the dial via a pressurized bellows system. An interesting fact about the liquid: The use of Preciflex for more than 12 months to develop a specific chemical formulation produces a unique opacity that ultimately tells the time path of the fluid around its dial.
Obviously, the ghost's legibility is not high, but HYT contains a clever twist to ensure that this phantom is not a complete hollow person. Superluminova illuminates the capillary from below, illuminating the remaining time back to 6 o'clock - inherently showing the amount of time remaining before either complete darkness (6:00 pm) or morning (6:00 am), at which point the liquid performs a retrograde RICHARD MILLE RM 11-03 MCLAREN FLYBACK CARBON cheap watch
There is a very cool duality between light and darkness when playing here - a completely intentional HYT part, and a more cohesive theme than other concepts of the brand. In fact, it is this theme that can make a hypothetical argument for what Bruce Wayne wears after turning into a Dark Knight. Although names like Urwerk and many other such wild watch inventions are often kicked, it may be worth it. It is argued that HYT H1 is almost as close as possible.

New HYT H1 and HYT H2 watches
HYT, the so-called "Hydro Mechanical Horologists", showed a lot of color changes at this year's Baselworld. Both the H1 and H2 series are expanded with a variety of metals, with or without coating, for the case, and liquids of various colors to represent time. Here are two of the ones we introduced at H1 'Iceberg Iceberg', a variant of H1, a combination of white and ice blue, the coolest version of the H1 series; and HYT H2 Titanium and White Gold, maybe The best looking new product in the entire HYT series.
The new HYT H1 Iceberg offers a similar color scheme for the known technology "dial" and HYT H1 housing. As HYT mentioned in the press release: “The sky-blue liquid complements the mechanical complexity while adding a light breath and fresh air.”
Last year, the HYT H2 was launched shortly before the 2013 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show, with only 50 limited editions. H2's new Titanium and White Gold Blue versions are more limited.
The "dial" features high-tech gorgeous displays, including gears, levers, bridges and beautiful balance wheels, fixed by a very elegant, sturdy balance bridge. Of course, the iconic bellows and antennae, cam and piston systems are also exposed to all their technical beauty. All new HYT timepieces are equipped with a temperature change compensator. This means that all HYT watches, whether H1 or H2, will always display the correct time by means of the center minute hand and the hours displayed by the liquid filled pipe. For the hourly display tube and the blue liquid in the white metal, there is only an incredible "cute" watches for sale perfect
Some specifications:
Case: titanium alloy, brushed surface, shot peening and satin treatment; diameter = 48.8 mm; thickness = 17.9 mm; blue rubber-clad spiral lock crown; titanium crown shield; titanium alloy dome at 6 o'clock Location; curved sapphire crystal glass, non-reflective coating inside; screw-in sapphire bottom cover; waterproof 100 m
Function: retrograde blue liquid hour; minute, second
Movement: mechanical manual winding, exclusive HYT movement; 28,800 vph (4 Hz); 35 pieces of jewellery; bridge hand chamfered, decorated with Geneva ripples; rhodium-plated bellows; 65-hour power reserve
Strap: white rubber, also has black fondant crocodile skin; titanium pin buckle. (Image courtesy of Watchonista.)

The HYT H2 offers more features than the H1: the addition is the power reserve indicator, the temperature indicator and the "H-N-R" indicator. The latter is attached to the crown and tells the wearer where the crown is, H for time, N for neutral, and R for entanglement (French for remonter). For more technical notes, please see our previous article on the first H2.
Some specifications:
Case: titanium and white gold, particle and satin finish; diameter = 48.8 mm; thickness = 17.9 mm; dome sapphire crystal (box) with non-reflective coating; threaded sapphire bottom cover; waterproof 50 m
Movement: exclusive HYT manual winding movement; 21,600 vph (3 Hz), 28 jewels, 192 hours (8 days) power reserve; titanium bridge
Function: retrograde blue fluid time; minutes jump in 30 minutes; crown position indicator (H-N-R); temperature indicator
Strap: blue stitching leather; black DLC titanium pin buckle
HYT, "Hydromechanical Horologists" offers the new 2015 watch for HYT Skull - in two versions. If you are confused about how to read bradnd's latest watch, then don't worry, me too. What I need to know is that the dial of HYT Skull represents the number of hours and has a power reserve indicator. This is correct, HYT Skull has not been a few minutes. What, are you in a hurry? There is a futuristic fool on your wrist!
The watch is not new, but it is the first futuristic gimmick we have ever seen. This іѕ interesting, rаthеrlіmіtеd, аndсооl, but mуquеѕtіоnіѕwhуHYTdесіdеd created ѕkull-thеmеdtіmеріесеаѕ them thіrdwаtсh. ThеHYT skull іѕ is based on оnthеоrіgіnаlHYT H1 (hands here), this wаѕlаtеr followed by uр and thе more hіgh-еndHYT H2 (hаndѕ-оnhеrе). They can use the liquid indicator, and the 2015 HYT is the whole of the hoe.
I will be with HycentPrrrі, CEO of HYT, because it is a skull, so they are very popular in luxury watches. Richard Miller and Hudert (and others) have the theme of skull, these are the most important. However, HYT has entered the skull of the game because it may bring extra damage to those morbid morbidities. Its tube is like a skull, and it may be something you have read. According to HYT, bending of the bend is a major engineering challenge for this structure.
At the time of release, HYT skull will occur on two issues, one of which will be DLC's green titanium alloy, and it will work with DLC in 18k rose and will produce a better liquid. They have been called HYT skull eyes and HYT hammers - and its new size is 51 mm and measures 17.9 mm. I can't wait and see what this watch looks like.HYT H1 ALUMEN BLUE ALUMINIUM 148-AB-31-GF-RU cheap watch
From a design point of view, there are so many you can say that HYT is pulling - HYT Skull has made me a complete comic book, саrtоnn, and more skulls and characters. I have already advertised his gimmick, T-1000Trrmіnаtr, and of course the portrait skull logo. Those who want to get a HYT gimmick will have their own ideas, because this HYkѕHY HY HYT Skull watch dial reminds them. In my opinion, HYT wants to make a future skull watch because it can be compared to any man's lover. This means that all of this is true at Oxford, and not just "mind, helmet", "armor" and "armor."
Although the HYT skull is very simple, I know that this is like what I said, this is new, I am very happy because I don't like it because when the brand is used, and as a timepiece as a timepiece As really fresh. The watch сrоwn will be in all positions at 2:30, but the protection has been removed. crown is rubber coated.
HYT's dial is because it may be known to them. What is going on here because it does not indicate what it is? Think of the HYT skullwatch as HYT, for the viewers. Although you can't really know the relationship with anyone else, you can use it, if it travels, it's in the closest 10 minutes or the time. It's not just because it might happen, but I don't know if they are ready because they are ready, so they will know exactly this - they will use them.
Their embarrassment is not an indicator. However, the right thing is that the right eye is a very important factor, because many wounds can have a big impact. These are all completely correct, or what are they possible, because when I get some real work on HYT Skull soon, I will comment.
There are some good maintenance in the HYT skull watch. You have an exclusive right to them, and it can be said that it can be used to indicate that this may be because they are "nothing". The back of this problem is possible and can solve a problem because it may help you. It operates at 4 Hz (28,800 bhh) with approximately 65 hours of heat. I like the determinism behind it because it is related to the situation of others. Of course, for colored sapphires, they feel very obvious, this is a very effective way to touch, it can be used to display all the content of HYT Tonino Lamborghini cheap watches