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MR.PORTER works with Zenith and Bamford Watch Department
The award-winning men's style online destination MR PORTER is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Swiss premium watch manufacturer Zenith and British watch customizer Bamford Watch Department to create an exclusive 25-piece limited edition watch available on November 15, 2018. day.
George Bamford and his team worked with Zenith to design the watch, which was developed and produced entirely by the Zenith watchmaking factory. Co-creating projects and products of this nature is the first of all three partners in this work.
Based on the Zenith Heritage 146 model, this watch draws inspiration from the brand's many historical design elements. These subtle touches include the 1971 El Primero's speedometer, the red seconds hand, the aesthetic cues of the vintage chronograph case and the center sub-ring ring that dates back to the old Zenith recorder's story and motion detection Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Aero Falcao Replica watch
Its unique "Solar Blue" dial is surrounded by a 38mm stainless steel case with a dark blue Alcantara strap and a white stitching design that complements the white dial logo. Combining all these different touch points, Zenith, Bamford Watch Department and MR PORTER create a watch that is both familiar, modern and brand new.

These limited edition watches feature a special open case back cover, individually numbered 1 to 25.
This is the first time MR PORTER has worked with Zenith and Bamford Watch Department, and we are very excited about the results. Zenith's modern watchmaking approach, as well as George Bamford's focus on contemporary customization, creates a unique timepiece that our customers and readers will love and appreciate. By accessing Zenith's archive for technical reference materials, this collaboration showcases true creativity and storytelling – which will undoubtedly make this watch special in the coming years.
The relationship with the custom specialist Bamford Watch Department (BWD) last year has confirmed the wide range of creative possibilities offered by this collaboration, which is the first time Zenith has produced BWD designs Greubel Forsey replica watches

I have considered this project with MR PORTER since I became the official customizer of Zenith last June. I am very happy to see that it has achieved results, and as always, I am very happy to design and work with the two brands on this project. Zenith's engineering team was shocked by the beauty of the beautiful blue on this unique dial, which was designed to embellish the past to make it very special.
Corum watches have a unique style, just like no other luxury brand watches
When choosing a luxury brand watch, you will find a variety of watchmakers and a variety of styles to choose from. While every luxury watch manufacturer has something good to offer to the watch to buy the public, some manufacturers stand out in a certain category.
When choosing a luxury brand watch, you will find a variety of watchmakers and a variety of styles to choose from. While every luxury watch manufacturer has something good to offer to the watch to buy the public, some manufacturers stand out in a certain category. Corum luxury watches stand out because they have a unique style and no luxury watches from other brands. The following highlights some of the unique Richard Mille RM 027 Watches replica price
While some watch manufacturers use unique colors in their products, they may not be more prominent than the colors in Corum luxury watches. The watchmakers use strange, attractive colors such as mustard yellow, magenta and yellow-green to add personality to their luxury watches. These unusual colors add a unique element to the Corum watch, making it ideal for those looking for features not common to other luxury branded watches. Corum watchmakers have taken a big step to make their watches stand out.
Corum also adds uniqueness to its luxury watches by using a variety of decorations and patterns that are not common to other luxury watch brands. Some of the unique dial patterns produced by Corum include the figures on the Bubble XL watch and the bubble on the pointer or the red Swiss flag dial on the Bubble XL Swiss flag. Corum also uses diamonds to produce unique end results. Although diamonds are often used by other luxury brand watchmakers, Corum makes it unique by decorating watches with this beautiful gem.wholesale replica men watches
In addition to using unique shades to build their watches and add style to different decorations and patterns, Corum adds a unique flavor to their watches by offering a variety of unisex watch models. Since many luxury watch manufacturers only produce the style of men's watches or the style of women's watches, it is a pleasure to see a company willing to make luxury watches that fit both sexes. Although people may not think this is a unique feature, it is of course a luxury watchmaker.
Contrary to the old version of the round dial, Corum designed the watch to span the surface of this common type by using different shapes to construct the surface. There are several different Corum watch models that show this uniquely shaped surface. One of them is the unisex Trapeze chronograph, which has a bright yellow-green hue with an irregular square shape, almost like a trapezoid, but not so.
Ms. Corum's heart model is another favorite and a perfect anniversary or Valentine's Day gift for women in your life. The use of unique shapes to make watches is another important reason why Corum is among the masters of luxury brand watchmaking.