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Richard Mille Frieze Masters and Frieze London's new partner
This is the first time in the UK that the museum has outlined some of the most special, rare and currently unavailable examples of watches that private collectors have generously borrowed.
As a new partner of Frieze Masters and Frieze London, Richard Mille started his eponymous brand at the beginning of the new century in 2001. Frieze is the world's leading modern and contemporary art platform for scholars, connoisseurs, collectors and the public. To celebrate this vibrant contemporary history, the brand's presence in the Frieze Masters brings together some museum-level overviews in the UK for the first time, including some of the most special, rare and currently unavailable timepieces that private collectors have generously lend. example. .
The Richard Mille brand's watchmaking method has always focused on releasing the watch's restrictive role as a timing tool, enhancing and expanding it by placing it directly in the crosshairs of design, art, sculpture and architecture. Visual potential. In this way, their timepieces make full use of the three-dimensional arched space and volume, whether it is the case or the movement itself. Within the scope of Mille's overall watchmaking method, even the layout and finishing details of each mechanical component are considered essential, visual and styling. Richard Mille: 'Of course, the watch must be an excellent timing device for the highest timing results. Still, I don't think there is any reason to say that its inner and outer visual expressiveness should not be fascinating and multi-layered, just as a great work of art provides a complex level of understanding for each particular audience. Defining these aspects in the design process is not far from the world of miniature painting, and the whole world can be opened in a very narrow area of ​​a few square centimeters.Hublot BIG BANG UNICO PERPETUAL CALENDAR SAPPHIRE replica watches
In the same way, Richard Mille collaborated with street artist Cyril Phan (aka Kongo) to create the contemporary watch art RM 68-01 tourbillon. The entire front and back of the machine has become a rainbow-like hue of painting, and since this includes all moving parts, the watch is a dynamic painting that changes as it tells time. The premiere of this watch, the vision of Richard Miller and the process of Kono miniaturizing his large working methods (usually the size of an apartment building) - elevated this timepiece to the art scene.
As part of the Richard Mille Group, Cercle d'Art, published by the Paris Press, publishes books, magazines and other printed materials for all companies. Historically, Pablo Picasso's publishing house and many other great names of the 20th century art world, version Cercle d'Art, connected Richard Mille Watches to one of the most exciting periods in modern art, emphasizing the artistic approach to branding a new vision. Watchmaking in the 21st century.
Frieze includes three magazines - Fritz, Fritz Masters Magazine and Fritz Week - and four international art fairs - Fritz London, Fritz Masters, Fritz New York and Fritz Los Angeles. In addition, Frieze organized a series of special courses and lectures in London through the Frieze Academy. Frieze was founded in 1991 by Matthew Slotover and Amanda Sharp, with the launch of Frieze Magazine, the leading international magazine for contemporary art and culture.Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK CHRONOGRAPH replica watches price
In 2003, Sharp and Slotover launched the Frieze London Art Fair, which takes place every October at Regent's Park in London. In 2012, they launched Fritz New York in Randall Island Park in May each year, and the Fritz Masters event held in October with Fritz London, dedicated to art from ancient times to modern times. In 2018, Fritz announced the launch of Frieze Los Angeles, which will open at the Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles from February 14th to 17th, 2019.
HYT Skull 48.8, color
In the drama of skull 48.8, light and color play complete the supporting role.
The design of HYT Skull 48.8 takes into account its impact. This distinctive watch constantly reminds us of the importance of every second. Prominent time uses liquid channels, which focus on the power of the present, the panacea of ​​life.
The protagonist of this time flow is a skull-like capillaries. The patented fluid module and unique mechanical movement make it a reality. Colored liquids symbolize reflection, while transparent counterparts predict the future. Their meniscus meeting point is exactly what is now.
The wide eyes on Shantou 48.8 deliberately intimidated, prompting onlookers to carefully study how they spend their time. Behind the right eye is a rotating disk of the power reserve indicator, indicating that each precious second fades from dark to pale. The left eye shows the second hand indication.
The three Skull 48.8 limited editions contain red, green and blue liquids respectively. As each shadow flows around the skull to represent the passing life, it expands its contrasting effect on the monochromatic backing of the galvanized dial and the titanium case. This deliberate tension fascinates the eyes, as does the effect of light on differently treated, apparently modern gray surfaces. The strength of the color code is confirmed to be the gray fabric strip within the structure that matches the hue of the Movado replica watches
Chopard Quattro in 4G
Eighteen years after its creation, L.U.C Quattro is entering the fourth generation. Through its many aesthetic variants, its far-sighted movements are consistent.
1993 was the year when Chopard began to create high-end watch movements. In 1996, the first model was introduced from the company's Fleurier workshop (not yet manufactured): this is a 1.96 micro-rotor movement with the first modern LUC watch, 1860. In 2000, the mechanical watch began to adopt the brand to launch its second movement, manually wound 1.98 (later renamed 98.01). This time Chopard focused on a new feature, the long power reserve. Since the four barrels are stacked in series, the movement can achieve 216 hours or 9 days of autonomy. This was an innovative solution at the time because it overcame the main problem that plagued the watch, namely having a particularly long power reserve - lack of precision.
By the end of the 1990s, eight days of exercise were old techniques: they were powerful when fully entangled, but weakened as stored energy was exhausted, which affected their timing accuracy. The 1.98 movement released the power more smoothly, which is why it was certified by the Observatory from the beginning. There have been no other changes during these 18 years. The movement is the same, except that it now comes in several different versions, including a tourbillon and a perpetual calendar. It's easy to find: it's the only movement on the market with a 12-point power reserve and a 6-point concentric small seconds record date.
How can we explain its extraordinary longevity? The first reason is the nature of the watch itself. Unlike car engines or computer operating systems, watch movements are not even put into production unless they have a life expectancy of at least twenty to thirty years. But we must also consider Chopard's basic business principle: the brand is owned and managed by a family; its watchmaking activities are supervised by a man - Karl-Friedrich Scheufele - his decision is always cautious and thoughtful. A few years ago, he called for a Florian neighbor named Michel Parmigiani, a modest person to help. It was he who created the original L.U.C caliber, and the team that was formed was responsible for turning these original ideas into products that stood the test of time.
The first version of Quattro was launched in 2000. With a 38mm gold case, guilloché dial and beveled arrow marks, it is as quiet and unobtrusive as the company's president. A few years later, with an extensive enthusiasm for larger diameters and richer designs, Quattro's update meets Chopard's new design requirements. Time is marked with generous Arabic numerals. The number of power reserve indications increases with an increase of 0 to 8 days, and there are more asymmetry numbers on the date register at 6 o'clock. A guilloche pattern is radiated from 12 o'clock to fill the dial. Another direction of change in 2015 turned to more classic code. The chapter ring restored the slender and elegant Roman numerals, the power reserve, the date and the seconds register instructions were replaced by a slender black minimalist type with a diameter adjustment of 43 mm. This frees up more space for the power reserve, so its hand changes its position.
In the latest development to date, Quattro has undergone a change in Basel World 2018, now only two figures: 3 and 9. Fan-shaped power reserve, return bevel mark, vertical brushed dial and blue/grey/pink The color scheme provides some interesting content for this more informal new reference. But some features have not changed. The first is the Observatory certification, which is a must for all L.U.C watches. Then there is a high quality manual movement with a swan neck adjuster. Since 2015, the Geneva logo has also been standard. All of this is closely related to the exclusive use of precious metals. Quattro only offers gold, only one platinum reference.replica B.R.M V7-38 watch V7-38-Caterham-AG online