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HYT H1: Hydraulic independent
HYT H1 was launched in 2012, and in a slightly depressed watchmaking atmosphere, it undoubtedly created the biggest buzz in the world of Basel, and maybe even this year.
A veritable bright yellow trend drowned the blogosphere and watch media. Vincent Perriard and his team cleverly explored this wave: the liquid of this genius 20th century funnel was spoken by everyone.
However, this yellow buzzing ocean slightly surpassed the real journey of technology and concept, which made HYT stand out: for many people, the presence of liquid in mechanical watches is the only noteworthy explanation for this product.
In fact, when faced with such a "phenomenon", the media law encourages the process of thinking to subside, but instead tends to emotional reactions, and the emotional impact of this H1 is divided into several stages. This watch takes at least a few hours of wear to show its depth.
As a 3D watch, HYT H1 is not fully displayed on official photos: the watch that explains this article helps to clarify this project.
A lot of articles about HYT H1 mention the leaking pot (Wikipedia link): the connection seems obvious. Until the 12th century, when Tlemcen's leaking pot was created, time hydraulic measurements were a scientific and accurate means of calculating a specific time period. In those days, water was the only vehicle to transmit and regulate energy, but gradually, sand replaced water. This is because although hourglasses are less accurate (due to the size of the sand), they are easier to miniaturize.replica Richard Mille RM 038 Watches price
These antique movements are technically opposed to the tourbillon because the mechanical device relies on the relative stability of the gravitational attraction to cause the material to flow.
In the 15th century, the phantom of fusee, a "prehistoric" mechanical regulator, was seen. Increasing the diameter of the fuse makes it possible to compensate for the lack of tension at the end of the mainspring. Although it still lacks precision, it is easier to miniaturize than a small hookah and is stronger than an hourglass. The invention of the balance spring will eventually adjust the entire system. In the end, Lépine benefited from the development of the metal processing industry and invented the open movement with a floating mainspring...
From Abraham-Louis Breguet to Edmond Jaeger, horology has evolved and improved in terms of accuracy and reliability, creating a distinction between Swiss and American clocks. An industrial duel and peaked during the two world wars. As quartz became the power regulator's choice regulator, a new stakeholder, the Japanese watch industry, eventually became the top spot in the late 1960s. The American watch system can never be restored, and the Swiss watch industry will rely on the basic money to recover: luxury watches. In the 1990s, due to the use of a complex magnet system, Seiko propelled this by spring drive, mixing the energy of the spring with the precise adjustment of the quartz.
Although this latest innovation does not have the classic balance of charm, it has a strong precision.
Since then, despite the beautiful mechanical projects, Switzerland seems to have withdrawn from the field of cutting-edge technology, which in recent years has been limited to new materials produced by new technologies. Therefore, although the external components have been ultra-modern, as the news kit's generous praise, its content is still Tonino Lamborghini replica watches
HYT H1 is just the opposite!
In aesthetics, this watch is full of paradoxes, contrary to existing trends. This is an impressive watch: the case (shown here in rose gold) has a diameter of 48.8 mm, but due to its short angle and the original visual effect of the prominent sapphire crystal, it barely appears 45. glass. When it sits on the wrist, the crystal, rather than the bezel, tends to guide the eye to assess the size of the watch.
Therefore, although the subsequent diameter is affected by the size of the movement and the size of the capillary, the watch does not look very large. This detail shows a successful super watch: it fits the wrist more than you actually believe. Even better, in the case of H1 rose gold, comfort does not reduce weight: the watch is comfortable to wear. For the titanium version, this should be more realistic and it is expected that these versions will remain lighter and more ventilated.
The relevance of choosing rose gold is debatable here. Some people may think that traditional alloys are not relevant in such a modern context. I personally think it is an extra, funny snook, a fusion between classic materials and cyberpunk design.
The dial also helps to reduce the size of the watch. The volume of the element breaks with the sense of space that may appear on some of the larger dials (the sense of space is also very beautiful).
The three-dimensional effect is derived from four elements: a capillary showing hours, a 12-hour minute dial, an auxiliary counter (power reserve and work indicator), and finally a bellows. The understated style can be compared to the Zenith Defy of the Nataf era, lacking exemplary in my mind and no longer providing anything else in the watch: whether it is the case, the movement, the bellows, or less fluid. ..... A is done with more pure elements, and focusing on three-dimensionality may have proven a better taste. Some of the materials or designs used by Hautlence come to mind HYT H1 replica watches
Aside from this detail, once the watch is in hand, there are other things to consider rather than the surface finish of the dial. Seeing the time around the dial is fascinating, playing with the watch for maximum effect. Here, time is indeed an excuse to observe the passage of time. So many people can imagine that the lucky owner of this watch “forgot” to return to H1, so entertainment is set time: very quickly, the liquid moves inside the capillary, with a charming inertia effect. You will not be able to set the fluid to the exact time, but after careful consideration, the yellow liquid will move forward at a slower rate than the minute until the exact mark is reached. The glass is tubular, filtering light from all directions, and the fluorescent liquid shines in the least sunlight.
The technique used in such watches has one drawback: at present, since LumiNova particles cannot be dissolved in an aqueous fluid, it is impossible to produce a liquid that emits light in a completely dark environment. Sooner or later, they will sink to the bottom of the pipe.
However, HYT is investigating new fluid solutions and pipeline vessels to obtain a continuously glowing HYT model in the future.
This is indeed a complex liquid problem because the capillary is actually filled with two fluids: one is transparent and the other is yellow fluorescent. In order to make the separation impeccable, they are of course immiscible, such as water and oil. As in salad dressing, oil and vinegar are not mixed under the action of tensile active elements without the addition of mustard.
This H1 innovation can be found in the means used to move fluid within the capillary... there is real cutting edge technology! Buy Replica Watches For Sale
The traditional part of the clock is made up of crop extracts developed by Jean-FrançoisMojon's company Chronode, which officially launched a series of eclectic creations such as MB&F Legacy Machine 1, Opus X Harry Winston, Cyrus Klepsys or City Jurgensen Observatory Timing Escapement mechanism. The end of the H1 movement shows a lot of style and influence.
This movement is really beautiful. Without 'Dufour' surface treatment, the 'independent' watch in this price range is perfect. The outline of the bridge is original and expressive, and the semi-circular building is unheard of. The concept was optimized in order to send an important linear energy charge to the piston through the cam propulsion system.
Two internal inventions of HYT - bellows and capillaries - are available to coordinate work.
First of all, the capillary is specially designed for HYT and is a German company specializing in laser research. The borosilicate glass was chosen because it is resistant to chemicals and thermal shock. The tube has an internal diameter of 1 mm and accepts seven layers of coating to reduce friction and avoid loss of precision. Whether it is liquid or gear train, friction is still a core issue! This is a partner of HYT who found that they needed to come up with a specific part of the machine dedicated to making this microtube!

Next, HYT's exclusive bellows was released by aerospace science and technology. So-called aerospace science materials have often been touted in the past. But today, we are not just presenting some new alloys that are part of the speed-capture found on rockets, missiles and jets. At the time of resetting H1, it is almost impossible to visually find the usual "accordion" effect, with each plate being less than one millimeter apart.

Although miniaturization is a feat in itself, the fact that these bellows are made entirely of metal should also be considered! Their strain depends on the elasticity and fineness of the alloy, which in particular contains titanium and nickel. The interior is protected from corrosion by gold plating.
Understanding the construction of the bellows and its limits of tolerance can better understand Chronode's achievements in sports. It is indeed necessary to maintain important linear energy throughout the barrel. Surprisingly, you have to know that the watch has only one barrel, a classic balance, no constant force system...
Since the beginning of time measurement, inventors have faced two challenges: regularity and miniaturization. Clepsydras provide good precision, but their size is cumbersome. Little by little, they were abandoned and turned to mechanical watches. Today, HYT has made up for nearly 10 centuries, during which time the technology was downgraded and brought a new life to hydraulic watches by miniaturizing them enough to integrate them into watches.Review best Franck Muller replica watches