The new Zenith Pilot Series watches

The birth of ZENITH PILOT watches brand are destined for the pilot! In addition, in their beautiful case have all watches advantage, you really should have a Zenith watch! This word of praise from Moran's mouth, Moran first hit flight record of over 100 kilometers per hour pilot in 1910, he is high praised for Zenith, make the brand in the field of aviation and space technology occupy a pivotal position.

Tag Heuer

TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer) since its inception in 1860, has been praised for the Swiss avant-garde accurate tabulation model, belonging to the world's largest luxury goods group, LVMH group (LVMH), is the top five global sales of luxury watch watch brand.

We need to periodic inspection and maintenance our swiss watches

There is some certain influences for our watches, when it is humid air. Particularly for the South climate, it is hot and humid. For many years Sweat, rain coupled with dirty air accumulation, it can cause mechanical chronic erosion. so it is very important for periodic inspection to our swiss watches. one or two years need to a thorough cleaning and maintenance. Maintenance and repair most insurance. You need to handed over to authorized service point or service center handling regular watch, it is more secure and reliable.


Coming in three case styles the H1 will be available in titanium, DLC black coated titanium, and 18k red gold. The case will be 48.8mm wide and a pretty massive 17.9mm thick. Actually that is small considering it has bellows in it. Design-wise the case reminds me a lot of the Clerc Hydroscaph. It isn't a 1:1 clone by any means, but if you compare the two you will see obvious design influences. Then there is the rubber-coated crown and the crown protector. It looks a lot like the crown and crown protector layout on the Bremont Supermarine watch.

Display News: HYT H1 Yellow sand Barth at

Display News: HYT H1 Yellow sand Barth

Saint Barthélemy, or maybe more affectionately referred to as St. Barths, is a French overseas special place located at the heart of the Carribbean, known for its incredible climate, crystal-clear water and especially pristine white sand beaches.

RFID for luxury brand watches true and false track

Swiss watch maker Winwatch has developed a RFID based crystal spacer that can be mounted on any kind of watch.

RFID crystal gasket for the luxury of the watch industry, for anti-counterfeiting. RFID gasket to achieve the watch wholesalers, retailers and customers to track the origin of the watch, confirmed the true and false watches.

RFID realize the watch in the entire production process and supply chain are tracked.

In order to promote its new products, Winwatch launched a special RFID pad to ensure the true and false watch brand, and began to put into operation.

Distinguish true and false of imported watches

Identify the imported watches, a weigh weight two see three that the world technology paper, Rolex, OMEGA, Longines, tudor...... These imported watches price hundreds of million yuan, once you get off the table will be disastrous.

How to identify counterfeit watches

1 to observe the case back. Where the original watch, especially's to in case on the back cover of the printing of many English letters, showing the name of the brand watches, production of the country, all steel or semi steel waterproof, antimagnetic, shock or shock absorbers. (see behind common watch appearance alphabetical tag), stamped with brand watches special logo. In addition, it is also engraved with a number of numbers, used to indicate the movement of the watch and the shell number.


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