Watches and F1 - Episode 6 - McLaren and Richard Mille

McLaren: After Ferrari, the constructor of Formula One (which is a word?), Ferrari is the second longest running team in the sport (continuous involvement since 1966), many unforgettable carmakers. Vendors, hosts of the legendary driver lineup, and champions compete for racing through most of their history. Although it has been dry since 2015, the team has the ability to return to the top, even though the negotiation McLaren-Honda spin-off has refused to disappear. In terms of their time partners, the relationship seems to be more calm. Richard Mille is a cutting-edge watch manufacturer, using state-of-the-art technology and exotic materials, and in many ways it is very similar to the image of this major F1 team.
This story began when the young Bruce McKellen was born in New Zealand. He recovered and prepared the Oster Ulster 7 in an informal mountain climbing competition in 1952. Despite being just 12 years old, he showed off his talent for racing, and just two years later he entered his first professional game. He moved to the Cooper F2 and he started to master and develop himself, finishing second in the 1957-58 New Zealand Champion Series. He was awarded the "European Driver" award (something) by the New Zealand International Grand Prix. After Jack Brabham noted his talent in the New Zealand Grand Prix in 1958, Bruce McLaren moved to the UK and has been quite successful over the years. In his first game, driving the Cooper F2 at the Nürburgring in the 1958 German Grand Prix (simultaneously taking part in F1 and F2 cars), he achieved impressive results in the first and fifth place. First place. Under the influence of F1 adults, the Bruce McLaren team will start winning the game next season.RICHARD MILLE 2018 RM 11-03 FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH LMC replica watch
In 1959, he joined the team owner (and rider) Jack Brabham as a driver to join the Cooper F1 team, and in the same year won the US Grand Prix. A year later, the team saved the drivers' championship. Jack Brabham scored 43 points. Bruce McLaren ranked second with 37 points and team champion. Including the 1962 Monaco Grand Prix and the 1964 New Zealand Grand Prix.
Until the end of the season in 1965, Bruce McLaren continued to drive and he founded Bruce McLaren Racing Co., Ltd. in 1963. After he left Brabham, he announced that McLaren will enter the F1 with his own strength and compatriot Kiwi Chris Amon has appeared in the wheel after making his debut in 1966. By 1968, defending world champion Denny Hulme will join the team, replacing Amon who went for Ferrari. With Bruce McLaren in the same year's Belgium Franco Chancellor, his fourth victory, and his own first car (I didn't repeat my knowledge!) succeeded. In 1969, the team ranked third in the standings, despite not winning this season.
Currently focusing on F1 and GT racing (not disrespecting here)! McLaren has been active in a variety of different sectors, from open tyres (F1, Indy500) to prototype cars (Can-Am, Le Mans 24 hours) and also to private cars. In the early days of its establishment, Bruce McLaren himself would often be behind the wheel and continue to increase his record and achieve impressive results. Between 1967 and 1972, the team dominated the Canadian American Racing Series (Can-Am) (a truly clean sweep in 1969, winning all the games of the season!) and entered with a lot of Chevrolet V8 thunder model car. In terms of speed, this championship is an opponent of F1, and some people even think that they will be able to compare with each other faster on the same track to let you know about the mental events that take place here. The model with a power output of 600 hp or more is no exception, and the F1 side “strived” to emit 300 hp. Advanced aerodynamics, lightweight materials such as glass fiber and magnesium, combined with early ground effect experiments have been implemented as early as F1.
Until the early dominance of Porsche in the early seventies, McLaren remained a potential winner for every game. After the McLaren M1 and its follower M3 proved fast but unreliable and delayed to Formula One, the team developed their car at an astonishing speed, introducing the McLaren M6D of the Chevrolet V8 engine. All but one match in the 1967 season heralded the start of McLaren's CanAm event. In addition to F1 and CanAm, Bruce also entered and won the Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans 24-hour championships, becoming one of the few drivers (Indianapolis, Formula 1) or rider who could win the Triple Crown Champion. (24 hour endurance race).Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes replica watch
As a driver, Bruce won the championship in a legendary Ford GT in 1966, completed the second and third place with Chris Amon and two other Ford GT40s, locked the podium, and set up in the middle of Ferrari. Middle finger. There is already a lot of documentation on the competition between the two brands, but let's say Henry Ford is very dissatisfied after Enzo Ferrari's withdrawal from takeover at the last moment. This triggered Ford's anger and determination to defeat them in this year's largest sports car race. The Ford GT40 will take some time to develop, and it will win in 1964 and 1965 when the car is not completed. The Ford GT40 crossed the eighth place in Ferrari's first Ferrari in 1966 and gave Ferrari the golden mean. The 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the greatest events in history. It has been a story of four wins in four years.
Back in that era, drivers often drove all kinds of cars, often playing multiple games on a weekend. Bruce McAllen is no stranger to this, because his records show that he won in various races, but his career came to a sudden halt due to fatal accidents in training in 1970. When he tested the McLaren M8D at Goodwood Circuit, the rear body of the UK fell off at a high speed part of the track, undermining the stability of his car. The car threw the car to a flag station. The bunker.
We have already taken a few risks, but I'm just excited about it. For me, this is the golden age of racing. Nothing is impossible. No one thinks it is crazy. The drivers are all furry little boys who risk their lives each time they participate in the competition.
Over the years, McLaren has become very successful, winning (approximately) 5 games not less than 1 and continuing competition since 1966. In 51 years, they have started 810 games and they have won a massive 182! There are many examples of this; 155 pole positions, 154 fastest laps (the FIA ​​once scored 1 point for this), 485 podium finishes, 47 first place and second place. Despite this, Ferrari surpassed them in some of the statistics. McLaren has already produced 12 world championships and has been the team champion for 8 seasons. If you look at the list of drivers, they use the legendary lineup. Emerson Fittipaldi, James Hunt, Nicky Lauda, ​​Alain Prost (3x champion), Elton Senna (3x champion), Mika Hakkinen (2x champion) Players such as Lewis Hamilton and Lewis Hamilton both topped the list at the end of one or more seasons. In these 51 years, McLaren marked the greatest moment in the history of this sport.Tag Heuer Senna Special Editions replica watches
The Playboy for McLaren, and Niqui Lauda for Ferrari. This is one of the greatest opponents of the sport, immortal in Ron Howard's film "Rush" (F1 fans must see). Niki Lauda stood out from the 1976 German Grand Prix in the green hell of the Nürburgring. After inhaling heat fumes into the lungs, he suffered severe internal and external burns. Lauda decided not to give up and returned to the car after 6 weeks. James Hunter will continue to challenge his Marlboro McLaren M23 Cosworth championship, and eventually get a 1 point lead at Lauda. In the final match of the season, the situation was so shocking that Lauda thought that doing so was too dangerous to continue and quit after 2 laps. Hunter needs more than 3 points to win the championship, which means he needs to go third or better. In the game, he dropped to fifth place, but only two laps in the end, eventually winning the third place.
Another fascinating competition is another clash between the two great men; Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost. Both of these events were driven by McLaren in 1988. This is a suitable reminder that it is not always a good thing to have two (multiple) championship winning drivers in the same team. If things get out of control, it may lead to internal fighting and disagreement as well as collisions on the track. In 1988, both became potential champions, and the car seemed to be unparalleled. Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost had the chance to win the championship. After winning 8 games, Senna finally won the championship. That year, McLaren's performance was more than three times the number of runners-up Ferrari (199 points over 65 points), and achieved 15 wins in 16 games. There was a textual conflict in the competition between Senna and Prost, who were still driving McLaren in the second quarter.
The championship battle in 1989 was controversial, although Prost and Senna collided at the low-speed corner of Suzuka during the Japanese Grand Prix. Prost stagnated and did not restart his car, so he did not participate in the game. Senna was pushed over the corner by the players and re-entered the competition, but he was hacked because of the result of the game control. He missed the curve. The Senna's DNF means Prost wins. A year later, once again in the Japanese Grand Prix, Alain Prost drove Ferrari. Senna plowed behind Prost, driving both out of the game. Senna took the lead in the championship (10 points difference, winning only 9 points), considering that this is the penultimate game, he won the championship.
Compared with their competitors wearing red shirts, McLaren never relied on their own engines and saw the ups and downs of one supplier and another. The 1980s were the golden years of the team's iconic red-and-white Marlboro between TAG-Porsche and the later Honda Engine. In 10 years McLaren became the champion (as builder) 6 times and finished runner-up in the other 4 seasons. In the same period, the team co-produced seven riders' championships with three different drivers (Lauda, ​​Prost, Senna). Like CanAm, for several years, the team's dominance has been so strong that other teams have failed. For example, in 1984, the McLaren MP4 / 2B was in the hands of Niki Lauda and was equipped with a TAG-Porsche 1.5L V6 turbo engine. It won 12 games in 16 races, which was higher than Ferrari's second highest score. 2.5 times! Just four years later, both Senna and Prost even won 15 games in 16 matches of the powerful Marlboro McLaren MP4/4.
The turbine era is coming to an end, when the output power has dropped a bit, but these vehicles are still pushing close to 1000hp. The 1.494cc Honda V6 Turbo produces more than 600 horsepower per liter with amazing power! For comparison, the current F1 car is equipped with a 1.6 V6 Turbo hybrid and has the same power level (roughly). Please note that the technology is now more advanced, if not the current limit (eg maximum engine speed), the current engine can produce more horsepower.CHEAP SWISS AAA replica watches www.reviewbestselling.com
In the 1990s and most of the time, McLaren used the Mercedes engine. This partnership allowed the team to challenge the championship again. Mika Häkkinen and later Lewis Hamilton challenged this title almost every year. Do not forget that the driver who happened to miss it still has to win the game and score points.
After years of competition with Ferrari and Red Bull in early 2000, Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso competed for the championship, and the team is now in a distressing plight. The conversion of the customer's Mercedes engine to the Honda partnership already provided what the team wanted, but their new engine partners have always had problems with stability and competitiveness. Many people worry that the team will have a hard time recovering and it will take years to lead again. Talking about the split between McLaren and Honda (mainly rumors!) is re-emerging, especially when senior Porsche officials attend the Austrian Grand Prix, and it seems open to discuss how to provide the F1 engine as an external party to F1. However, as history has proven, Honda has the ability to create the winning engine! For example, when turbocharging became illegal, Honda delivered a 35-liter V10 engine (with an evil soundtrack!) and continued to win. Just take a look at Senna at Marlboro McLaren Honda MP 4/6 to master the streets of Monaco:

Personally, I really hope that McLaren and Honda can solve all problems as soon as possible and begin to compete for the victory! This will be a welcome change, and it is also true for watch sponsors because we have seen enough IWC, Hublot and Tag Heuer in the past few years (of course just kidding!). As for their time partner, McLaren made a deal 10 years ago with Richard Mille, the same technologically innovative. For F1, no stranger, or motorcycle sports, Richard Miller may reflect the perfect philosophy, and join hands with the previous drivers and teams. They have been partners of the Lotus-Renault team and have produced watches for Romain Grosjean. In addition to the watches of official partners and brand ambassadors, Richard Miller watches can also appear on the grid quite often, including (at least) one owned by Martin Brundle, and I recently discovered Alain Prost too. Wear one. And let's not forget the connection between Richard Mille and Felipe Massa! Massa has always been a fan, partner, brand and watch for many years, producing a variety of creations and even he was Williams, the research team sponsored by Oris used a little proudly owned, and can be seen wearing Richard De Miller slammed into his last ever (at that time anyway) game in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
As for the connection with motorsport, Richard Mille (CEO, not a brand) has been fascinated by cars and cars since he first took part in the Formula 1 Grand Prix. For the first time, he participated in the 1966 Monaco Grand Prix, which happened to be the first game to see the McLaren F1 car on the starting line. In addition, as a minor aspect, Richard Mille (CEO) now owns the car, so the cooperation with McLaren is a spark that sparked 50 years ago. Today, Richard Mille (branding, not CEO) is tied with F1 drivers and two teams (Haas will be introduced in our next chapter) as well as the Le Mans Classic 24-hour race.
Richard Mille is a brand dedicated to producing watches that can withstand extreme conditions. Whether it is able to withstand and demonstrate the impact of the G-force (also this one), or just ultra-lightweight structure designed for tennis ace Rafael Nadal, their design will bring a huge impact! In 2017, Richard Mille launched the first McLaren-Richard Mille watch to celebrate their 10-year partnership. And, in the real Richard Miller style, this is an influential person. The $1.1 million Richard Mille RM 50-03 McLaren F1 model was shown to the public at SIHH in January this year. As our associate editor, Bryce called it a super-technical watch, the RM 50-03 has an ultra-light tourbillon and a second-hand chronograph movement. I hate to call this action because it is not. Exercise is a sport, which means that the extra material (or at least the material removed) is completely different from what Richard Mille did. The entire building is constructed on the basis of lightness, which is manifested in the structure of movement. Widely used titanium and carbon, the total weight of the movement 7 grams, very lightweight! Obviously, it can also withstand 5000G effectiveness. See things thoroughly; the human body can withstand sudden shocks exceeding 100G, but sudden shocks exceeding 80G are considered fatal. The sustained rate of 16 G sustained in one minute is almost always fatal.
This record-setting watch is only 38 grams, including an elastic textile strap. It is by far the lightest tourbillon chronograph watch. I think it will last for a while and may only be defeated by the next super featherweight Richard Mille. . Combining ultra-innovative materials and composites, this is a truly technological power. The reason why Richard Mille RM50-03 is so extremely lightweight is titanium, carbon, TPT, and so-called graphene. I can try (and possibly fail) to explain and understand the exact meaning of graphene and how it was developed after many years of research. If not everyone can explain it, I may go deeper and lose most of it, but I still spy on it. Graphene is a very hard, lightweight material that is more than 200 times more resistant than steel. Graphene consists of a single layer of carbon atoms in a hexagonal lattice. When laminated together, the only space is the sandwich space between them. Even the smallest gas molecules (helium gas), laminates are difficult to penetrate, and even if processed, it becomes difficult to penetrate moisture.

Richard Mille RM50-03 McLaren shows the time through the center hand, displays the time through its minute and second chronograph functions, winding indicator, neutral or power reserve indicator at 11 o'clock and mainspring tension The torque indicators are all driven by hand-wound tourbillon movements. The torque indicator is a fun, rare feature. It shows you the degree of winding of the mainspring and the various stages of tension. If it is red, it is either too loose or too tight, and in the green area, it is in the best nervous window. Fortunately, due to the protective system on the crown, overwinding is not possible. PS. This wrist shows the orange accent of McLaren rather than red, just like the prototype shot here.
From the perspective of cooperation, this is a suitable conclusion. With cutting-edge materials, technology, and driving boundaries, McLaren and Richard Mille share the same philosophy and ideology. Let us just hope that a good thing can continue to inspire this and further promote the two brands. McLaren returns to their winning streak record and may be the best driver on the podium (highest level) to ensure his third championship! swiss Urwerk replica watches