Richard Mille and McLaren make 11-03 McLaren
At the 88th Geneva Motor Show, Richard Miller and McLaren Automotive introduced the Flyback RM 11-03 McLaren Chronograph. A limited edition of 500 copies will be produced for 180,000 Swiss francs (excluding VAT but not included!), which will be offered as a purchase priority for McLaren's flagship line of customers. McLaren’s 11-03 season was designed last year after the two companies began collaborating, adding a common interest in the exclusive design and use of unpublished materials. I found that the McLaren 720S designed by Rob Melville has a unique aesthetic, and it can be said that RM 11-03 McLaren is also true. The RM 11-03 McLaren case was alternately made of carbon TPT® and orange quartz TPT®. The result was a very sturdy and lightweight element; the appearance was a tribute to the same color and was synonymous with McLaren. CarbonTPT® improves the mechanical properties of RM 11-03 McLaren and ensures high strength under harsh environmental conditions.
The titanium button shape on the CarbonTPT® case is reminiscent of the characteristic headlights of the McLaren 720S. The titanium alloy insert is similar to the intake of the McLaren F1 race car, with the McLaren logo, with a bezel, and the titanium alloy No. 5 grade crown with light alloy wheels. shape. Finally, the logo attached to the logo was also integrated into the rubber strap developed specifically for this replica BOVET Watches price
Under the hood of RM 11-03, McLaren beat the automatic movement RMAC3 and was born in 2016. It is equipped with a flyback chronograph and can accurately run on the track. The momentary zero return of the timer timer allows quick restart of the count. Powered by two parallel barrels and managed by a variable inertial balance, the range of motion is 55 hours. The barrel's spring charge is ensured by an adjustable geometry rotor that can be tailored to the wearer's activities and reflects the attention to the typical details of Richard Mille. While maintaining its lightness, the car needs to have a high resistance to torsion, inspired Richard Miller, who has enabled this concept to achieve a titanium grade 5 platinum and bridge with a PVD surface coating to ensure stability. The perfect function of hardness and gear train. The satin finish of the Titanium Bridge highlights the depth of the movement while creating a visual trajectory around the calendar, with date and twelve hour timers and countdown timers.
Buyers of the new McLaren flagship series will be fortunate to be able to order at Richard Miller boutiques worldwide at the price of 11-13 McLaren, and their numbers correspond to the serial numbers of their supercars. However, for those who are not interested in becoming a McLaren owner, you just have to wait! I wish you a nice RICHARD MILLE RM 11-02 FLYBACK replica watch

Richard Mille RM 67-02 Sprint and RM 67-02 High Jump
In the next World Athletics Championships in London, Wade Van Neck and Matas Sabachem will have two new competitions created by Richard Miller: The RM and RM 67-02 The 67-02 sprint high jump, whether it is the sports version of RM 67-01.
Olympic gold medals and world record holders at 300 meters and 400 meters, Wade van Neckar is the only athlete in the world will be within 100 seconds in 100 seconds within 200 seconds, within 200 seconds, within 400 meters. To 300 meters in less than 44 seconds. Martas Sa Bashim, however, in the high jump expert, two-time Olympic gold medalist, athlete Doha was established for four years, the past five years, the best performance of the season, proved to be needed, become a recorder of the profession The history of Javier Sotomayor's creation has continued for 24 years. Creating watches that are suitable for athletes is just like creating a "symbiosis" view, which is a guide to this new development. Richard Miller's team began to inject the idea of ​​the brightness of its athletic character RM 67-01, subtlety and ergonomics, making him the most suitable candidate, having modified the design, giving it a new attitude. The extension of the four fins on the bezel is a sign of the brand's sports watch, which also helps to strengthen the structure of the case. The latter prefers unique Richard Mille composite materials such as Carbon TPT® and Quarzo TPT®, which have excellent impact strength.replica BELL & ROSS BRS DIAMOND Replica Watch
The thickness of the 7.80mm baffle plate group/intermediate/bottom body does not affect its physical properties nor does it have the ability to cope with any situation that may occur in practice in the highest level of motion. The specificity of TPT® quartz is the arrangement of parallel layers of silicon filaments with a maximum thickness of 40 μm. They are changed by the angle of the fiber between two adjacent layers with a particular machine, which has 45°, and are impregnated with a pigmented resin in three new colors: purple quatariano Mutaz, yellow RM 67-02 The high jump and green are RM 67-02 Sprint for South Africa Wayde. The TPT® Carbon used in the middle of the box is also manufactured using the same process but starts with carbon fiber. Rotor, carbon TPT® and platinum, bridges and sinkers for grade 5 titanium alloys and newly manufactured caliber super flat CRMA7 DLC surface tension lines emphasize the decisive movement characteristics of this watch. It takes at least two hours of processing to obtain the deep skeleton of the sinker; hundreds of hours have been dedicated to the programming and adjustment of CNC work centers. replica watches for sale
The gearing in this group, which is optimized with a set of specific profile teeth with a generated 20° pressure angle, enables excellent transmission of energy from the barrel with a variable inertial rocker, which is guaranteed to be constant at 50 Hours of operation. Its satin and blunt hands, clear lines, CRMA7 movement expressed a sense of strength and firmness. The dial whose appearance matches the movement is made of a titanium plate with a thickness of only four tenths of a millimeter. The DLC process is overlaid with black and the colors of each athlete's flag are hand-painted. For the high portability of the RM 67-02, Richard Mille equipped these watches with a new "comfortable" strap. One-piece non-slip, very flexible, allows you to perfectly replicate the wrist and adapt to any form. This is the lightest belt ever produced by the brand, allowing the total weight of RM 67-02 to be included in a 32-gram weight. This makes the RM 67-02 the lightest automatic watch in the Richard Mille series.replica Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE watches